Today’s IoT Trends – A Worldwide Phenomenon(Content Strategi – SEO)

IoT is rapidly becoming one of the most looked-into and studied trends in the technological world of today, with many firms, organisations and businesses firmly believing that it is paving new pathways in technological advancement, providing companies with an enhanced outlook and greater chance of betterment.

IoT refers to ‘Internet of Things’, and it is one of the hottest topics in today’s ever-expanding world of technology. Many of today’s firms believe that IoT is the key to all of this. Although there have been many keys, they see this as sort of a master-key – almost like the Holy Grail of business growth, both financially and in terms of viewership. IoT is believed to be able to aid in many things, including enhanced customer relationships, business growth, reduced risk, cost and theft, better insights and improved customer satisfaction – and that is only the tip of the business-expanding iceberg.

How Exactly Does IoT Impact Businesses Who Choose To Focus On It?

Although it is thought to be the answer to all questions, IoT – just like anything else – does come with its setbacks. One of the most major flaws of IoT devices was discovered back in October 2016,  when a DDoS attack struck a colossal 1600 websites in the US, crippling their services and distributing important and more importantly, private and confidential information. It proved that IoT devices are somewhat vulnerable and penetrable as opposed to what was originally thought.

Even everyday devices that are powered by IoT such as CCTV cameras and smart-home devices were hijacked and taken control of, then used against the servers. This would be a massive issue for those focusing on IoT in the world of business, because, in a place in which money is at stake, security is of utmost importance. With this hack already making people sceptical, businesses will have to be extra careful to make sure that their own IoT devices are sufficiently protected.

Another challenge that companies choosing to focus and incorporate IoT have to face is talent shortage in the IoT field. Surveys have shown that forty-five percent of IoT companies struggle to find security professionals and thirty percent have the same problems when searching for digital marketers. It seems as though there just aren’t many professionals out there who have adequate training, understanding or experience in the IoT area. Though it seems that in 2017, major vendors must act upon this and are looking to invest in IoT certifications and training. They will make it a part of the mainstream training programs undertaken in the tech industry.

Inevitable Leaps And Bounds

It seems as though with IoT rapidly growing in popularity and becoming more and more of an everyday thing in not just the technological world, but also the normal world, that big companies and businesses are starting to venture down the IoT route. With a lot of corporations beginning to place their focus on IoT devices and programs, there is no doubt about it that others are following suit. Though they may face a heap of challenges along the way and end up having to revise and edit their strategy now and then, it certainly still seems that IoT is the way to go for the corporations and businesses inside of today’s world of technology.

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Why and How do downstream fast supply chain systems benefit from IOT? (Content Strategy – SEO)

IOT (The Internet of things) has trended very popularly with manufacturing and businesses. A research firm (Gartner) has researched the huge surge and predicted that by 2020 a supply chain system would operate significantly different than in the past.

How does IOT impact the supply chain system presently?

Currently IOT offers the following:

  • M2M (machine to machine) contact
  • Devices can be monitored, and instantly recognised if not running correctly.
  • Everything will be internet connected.
  • Supply chain leaders can gain much more information on their technology.

In 2015, the IOT market was sized at $900M – McKinsey (see source) predicts that by 2020 the industry will grow to over $3.7B.

A downstream supply chain system

Downstream just means where the company takes part in production; upstream is manufacturing raw materials, whereas downstream is closer to the end user.

Although IOT is very vast amongst business and isn’t a one size fit all, we can use the oil industry as an example and how the players have benefited from using the internet of things.

Upstream supply chain system

Production and exploration


Transportation and storage


Petroleum retailers and refineries

Let’s look at the benefits of IOT for Petroleum retailers.

The figures:

In previous years’ oil rose to $100 per barrel. However, new technologies recently enabled prices to drop to $20 – $30 per barrel.

This has resulted in well-performing oil companies to preserve top and bottom lines.

Source here

How does IOT help with a downstream supply system?

It will solve a lot of challenges that petroleum retailers face, especially with the following factors:

  • Outlets will be better at organising assets.
  • Easily manage supply chains.
  • Better customer relationships.

Most lucratively, IOT will provide information on every element of their business.

This can include monitoring of petrol pumps, equipment, health and safety, precise logistics handling, stock control and IT equipment.

Can it help downstream players with marketing?

The new IOT system offers more efficient advertising, by expanding visibility into the hydrocarbon supply chain and reaching new consumers through digital marketing.

This is just sticking to the example of a petroleum company; it can fit any business to improve performance, reliability, save costs, and work to maximum efficiency.

How IOT can change how downstream view suppliers

The system can provide retailers of all the suppliers available, an accurate reading of delivery, who’s got the best value stock and to check their reliability.

This will cause much heavier competition between the suppliers, as areas where they lacked before, will need more attention because of higher visibility to clients.

In Summary

Looking at why and how IOT can help a downstream fast supply chain system, we can see the countless benefits it can do to improve a business – and it doesn’t stop there because it’s only still the beginning with this new technology.

When we do reach the year 2020 (when the IOT industry is expected to expand in value by $3), the technology available will ultimately change how the business landscape works altogether.


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Industry 4.0 Series: Inside the factory (Content Strategi – SEO)

Industry 4.0 means that the number of network-connected sensors and devices could more than double or perhaps triple to 23 billion by 2021.  This type of mass explosion of the Internet of Things forms a technology that includes the capability of advanced analytics which helps the business decision makers make better decisions involving the changing vision of the business space.  The current usage with the anticipated future usage promises to change the face of manufacturing forever. 

U.S. Manufacturers

In the United States alone more than one-third of the participating manufacturing companies use IoT processes. Based on research done by the IndustryWeek research team (, more than half of the U.S. manufacturers use IoT to collect machine data and a significantly smaller percentage of 44% collect data from sensors embedded in their products. They use the sensors as a critical component in their management research and consumer research as it proves to be a reliable and widespread indicator of consumerism. More and more industries and management are ready to include IoT into their processes for data collection and product usage. 

Network Security

Many of the U. S. Manufacturers using the IoT manufacturing data collection processes report that there are still issues that need to be resolved in the data collection processes of using the Internet of Things as their only data collection efforts. One of the issues is the network security and data collection capabilities. The concern for security management is at the heart of most of the objections to using the IoT, but those are finding out that networks are sophisticated to handle the data collection that is embedded in products that the concern is lessening. 

Concern for Security

A concern still exists for the internal network of a manufacturing company being able to scale up to handle the increased requirements for them. Many management companies are monitoring current usage and depend on Network Solutions Company to help them scale to unbelievable levels to handle the IoT requirements. Current IoT has built in capabilities to monitor the working systems and gauge as usage becomes abnormal or needs improvement. Some improvements to the system include development equipment time, using the data to open new markets and measure machine performance and of course quality control of products to ensure the best quality.


Using IoT American manufacturers are forced to become more analytical in their critical management decisions. For example, the IoT requires constant monitoring of network usage.  This requires increased training for current staff and the employment of the directorate staff that are versed in network processes. The ability to overrun the competition is, of course, the end run of the business, but it is important that the IoT companies use the analytics that is generated to the most productive advantage of the enterprise.

Human Resources

Collaboration in many departments that historically did not interact becomes increasingly important in IoT management and manufacturing.  Human Resources now form an integral part of the management team in addition to the keeper of benefits. Having the appropriate personnel to handle and understand the analytics is imperative to the growth of the company.

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Why the Construction Industry Must Align with the Current Mobile Digital Revolution (Content Strategi)

Mobile digitisation is growing at an exponential pace making application development and deployment more convenient than ever. To remain competitive, the construction industry must align with ongoing trends and embrace the mobile digitisation revolution on an organisation-wide basis.

The Nature of Mobile Digitisation in the Construction Industry

As per the Roland Berger study, an increase in the productivity of the construction sector is desirable, since there was only a 4% improvement during the past ten years, implying that these companies were far from being competitive. Even with the widespread availability of sophisticated mobile applications, only 3% construction industry players realise that digitisation is important.

Digitisation can affect companies regarding improving access to stakeholders including customers and suppliers, ensuring optimal data usage, enhancing automation, and promoting better connectivity.

Digital applications create endless possibilities regarding saving costs, focusing on logistics, optimising the supply chain, and making economical storage possible.

Contributions by Next-Gen Visual Builders

Contemporary visual builders for mobile applications enable a wide range of capabilities regarding front-end features, back-end capability, data processing ability and workflow management aspects. Construction industry players can instantly take advantage of drag and drop UI editing features, with full support for modules, optimal navigation structuring, customisable properties, single-click publish, and testing on real devices. Visual business data binding with embedded maps and graphs from multiple data sources, support for complex logic and workflows and convenient app distribution empower construction businesses.

A Note about Democratising App Creation

Democratising the mobile development process is desirable since it enables employee empowerment across the organisation for true business transformation and innovation. Mobile apps which are in line with the expectations of users regarding simplicity and create code automation environments which make it possible to achieve ideas.

Democratisation makes it possible to transform a vision into a running app for iPhone or Android, which can be designed instantly, and although not production-ready, is available on the app store, and can be a magnet for stakeholders and investors.

The Future – Bimodal IT regarding Gartner’s Vision

Gartner proposes a combination of traditional and modern IT practices in the realm of enterprise IT, which it calls Bimodal IT. As per Gartner proposal, future IT organisations will operate through two flavours, one based on the traditional IT approach for efficiency and stability, and the other based on an agile, experimental organisation, for least time-to-market and rapid evolution in a tightly aligned business space.

Bimodal IT can accelerate delivery of business apps. The characteristics of the two modes are designed to support different types of business projects targeted towards different business goals, from disruptive innovation to stability and maintenance. These different modes are available to cater to the differing needs of projects regarding requirements for business involvement, the requirement for frequency of updates, and faster turnaround times.

Two separate delivery methods which are in coherence with each other enable the advantages of predictability on one end of the spectrum, and exploratory approach on the other end. Simply put, there is a plethora of technological expertise available, and the present market is tuned to offer digitisation at its best to the construction sector. Construction businesses following a combination of traditional and modern business models are in the best place to decide the practices in mobile digitisation that will suit them best and take them to the next level.


Assembly: The Art of Play & the Democratization of Design

The democratization of app building has created a new paradigm

What does bimodal IT mean?

Bimodal IT and Remodeling Traditional IT for Greater Agility


Delight your mother this Mother’s Day with luxurious treats from (Content Strategi – SEO)

IndiaCakes has been helping people celebrate their joys and special occasions since 2004. We have something exquisite befitting every occasion – freshly baked, delectable gourmet cakes, ethereal designer bouquets and other personalised gifts to show your family how much you care.

Mother’s day special – A tribute to the most important person in your life

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  • A basket of fruits – Our dealers handpick the best in seasonal fruits in the market so you can surprise your mother on this special day with a tasty selection of succulent, flavourful assortment of her favourite seasonal fruits.
  • Eggless cakes for the vegetarians in your life – Never miss out on variety or flavours with our eggless cakes. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to surprising your mom with heavenly, ambrosial eggless cakes.
  • Exclusive distinctive gifts online – From greeting cards, themed mugs and more making every event exceptional. Amaze your mom by getting her mother’s day gift delivered on the jot of 12:00, midnight with our midnight delivery of presents.

Turn this mother’s day significant and reminiscent. Choose from our boundless online catalogue and send thoughtful gifts from to add a wallop of pleasure and zest to your mother’s day festivities.

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In Pursuit of knowledge (Content Strategi – SEO)

The pursuit of knowledge is a time-honoured tradition. From times of yore the importance of having the right knowledge and wisdom has been stressed upon us and why not? As the saying from Hitopadesha goes,

Meaning that true knowledge gives humility, and with humility one becomes qualified. With good qualifications one attains wealth, and with wealth, one can do good & noble deeds. That, in turn, leads to happiness.

And that is what we all seek: to be happy. To that end, we pursue valuable knowledge that will give us the wisdom to accomplish our goals

Knowledge: The instrument that determines our actions

In today’s age, there is no dearth of information. We are in fact, bombarded by a constant stream of information from a variety of sources. But, for our actions to contribute meaningfully to society, the knowledge we gain should be credible and worthy.

This premise for sharing good content & thoughts with the world is not new. It dates back to the days of Rig-Veda.

It implies a sense of common welfare and inclusiveness. It tells us that it is our responsibility to share knowledge and spread good ideas.

A laudable idea can take root and expand to transform lives and elevate communities. It all depends on the knowledge we have collected and the wisdom we have acquired.

Thus making appropriate information available for learning is the first step to building a better community.

Organisations like Khan Academy are already delivering free content, educating the youth of our world. As the leaders of tomorrow, enabling their noble pursuits will ensure a brighter future.

Knowledge and Wisdom: The conundrum

Gaining knowledge on a plethora of subjects is quite convenient and easy in this digital age. However, without good insight and the ability to separate the good from the bad, the knowledge serves no useful purpose. For society to develop, knowledge must be tempered with a clarity of perception to be of any good to the common welfare. And that is wisdom acquired through deep learning.

As Sri Aurobindo expounded, it is wisdom that can tear down the veil of false appearances and find the hidden kernel of truth. Knowledge is just the instrument that helps us gain the understanding we need.

This forms the basis for an advanced society. A good system of learning is key to societal development and overall wellbeing. It rouses the people’s ability to think, formulate their ideas and principles, free themselves from propaganda & dogma and contribute positively to society.

Let the light of knowledge shine bright and true

Meaning: A fool is revered at home, a Lord in his village, a king in his country but a learned man and scholar is revered everywhere.

A wise person is celebrated universally, an exemplary honour that no on else can claim.

So the pursuit of knowledge and the resulting wisdom is a noble and commendable goal. Let us do our best to see that those seeking knowledge can always find it and never be stymied, for intellectual curiosity is the first step to transforming lives.


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Calendar Spread Strategies For Volatility Challenged Markets(Content Strategi)

When market conditions are making trading a tricky affair, it can be difficult to know where to look for secure trading. A calendar spread can be a strong medium to long term options strategy to reduce the risk of getting burned by a volatile market and to exploit any market conditions for a decent gain.

What it is

In essence, a calendar spread is a group of Options of the same stock, with the same strike price, but, crucially, with different expiration dates. Options, obviously are a time-sensitive asset, and the calendar spread profits from this sensitivity.

In essence, the trader can integrate the advantages of spreads, the difference between the market value and the strike price, with the pros of a more directional option for a trading strategy. With the strengths of these two styles combined, a calendar spread can almost guarantee profits under any trading conditions.

How calendar spreads work

A calendar spread can work in one of two ways: you can take a market neutral position and benefit from the time decay in the value of the stock options or, alternatively a shorter term market neutral position with a longer-term directional strategy.

Time Spread

A long-term calendar spread strategy, known as a Time Spread is the selling and buying of either a call or put option at the same strike price, but, crucially, those which expire at different times. In its most basic sense, you buy the longer-dated option and sell the shorter dated one. Taking this position on the short-dated option has the effect of bringing down the price of the longer dated one. Thus the trade becomes cheaper than the outright buying of the longer term option.

A long calendar spread can be one of two types. A call strategy or a put one. The put strategy has some advantages over the call, but it depends on your opinion of the underlying stock. Those of a bearish tendency will want to buy a calendar put spread; the more bullish will opt for a call.

The overall effect is to create a relatively neutral, low-risk position which will gain from the time decay of the front option sold short.

For example

Say MegaCorp stock has traded for years at between $55 and $65, this sort of “sideways trading” low volatility stock is perfect for a calendar spread. We can reasonably assume that the selling price isn’t going to shift that much regardless of market conditions. So if the stock’s trading at $61.10 our strategy is first to sell the January, $62.50 calls for $0.30 each then buy the March ones at $0.80 apiece. So the calendar spread’s net debit at this juncture is $0.50. That $0.50 represents the total risk of the trade, which is part of the reasons why calendar spreads are a good option for a canny trader.

Now, in an ideal world, the MegaCorp stock will rise a little before falling below $62.50 at the January expiration. This has the effect of removing all value from the short January call. So with two months to go until the March expiration, without too much volatility in the stock price the March calls value will stand at around $1.70. That’s a profit of $1.20 on the $0.50 spent.

The short term option expiring without making its money is, of course, a best case scenario; not all calendar spreads will work this efficiently. The beauty, though, lies in the flexibility, you still have that long position, so if you think that the market’s going to remain relatively neutral, you have the option of selling another option against that position, effectively rolling the spread over into a new one.

If, however, you feel that the stock is starting to move more in the direction you expected, you have the option of treating it as normal. It’s the ability to cover both ends of the market which make the calendar spread a healthy choice.

The secret’s in the planning

The first thing you need to do when laying the plans for a long-term calendar spread is to get a good feel for the market sentiment surrounding the stock and get a good feel for what trading conditions are going to be like over the next few months. If it’s looking bearish overall, then a put calendar spread is a healthy option.

The next step is to identify your stock. As we’ve already seen, we don’t want a stock that’s too volatile; you wouldn’t want a big difference between the bidding and asking prices.

Once you’re in the trade, close monitoring is essential. If your little option doesn’t decline as much as you’d expect, then the parameters of your overall debit (and the profit you can turn on the extended position) start to shorten. Be vigilant.

The downsides

While a properly managed calendar spread is a relatively low-risk investment strategy, it should be remembered that all investments are risks. Too much market volatility and the long position suddenly becomes a more vulnerable one.

With a time-sensitive strategy such as this, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping a close watch on the option expiration dates and time your entry into the market precisely, to ensure that you’re trading in the general direction of the stock. A mistimed entry running against the market could result in a sizeable loss.


The main thing to remember about calendar spreads is that it is at the start a neutral position, and generates profits only as time decays start to factor in play. It can be used in a bull or bear market, but just make sure you’re running the same way the market is. The number one thing to take away is that a calendar spread is most effective when you expect the price to stay stable in the short term, and move with market trends in the longer term. If that’s what you expect to happen, then this could well be a fruitful trading option for you.



12 Of the Best Sunday Brunches That Delhi Has To Offer (Content Strategi)

Why do Sundays always wake you up to a challenge – a challenge to satiate your growling tummy, at a time when most breakfast serving eateries would have wrapped up service?

Sunday brunches to the rescue!  Here is a list of the best in the city.


After you soak in the lush green personality of the resort gardens, head over to Mosaic for their sumptuous brunch with unlimited soft drinks and exclusive pool access. Heaven is the word!

Location: Country Inn & Suites, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch

Asia Seven

If you have Pan-Asian on your mind, stop by here. Their live Sushi and Khao Suey counters are sure to transport you to a food heaven of the crouching tiger type!

Location: Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Price: INR 895 for Sunday Brunch

Atrio Resort

The restaurant here is creating lasting food memories that beckon you over to the same setting again and again. The highlight of the meal is the dessert course that is of the melt-in-your-mouth variety.

Location: Atrio Resort, Kapashera

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch


Savour the delicacies in their elaborate brunch spread spanning a variety of cuisines, for a unique dining experience.

Location: Park Inn, Indraprastha Extension

Price: INR 799 for Sunday Brunch


Specialising in traditional Marwari and Jain cuisines, the restaurant dishes up pure bliss in the form of vegetarian food. Interiors that are enveloped in rich blue and silver with traditional motifs and statement furniture immediately transport you to a bygone royal era.

Location: The Ashok, Chanakyapuri

Price: INR 779 for Sunday Brunch


The first thing that greets you here is the quirky wall decor, a striking chandelier, and unconventional seating. The aroma of the chef’s specialities grabs you next, and you succumb to an explosion of tastes.

Location: West Punjabi Bagh

Price: INR 449 for Sunday Brunch

Oh! Calcutta

Soothing Bengali music plays in the background while you are entertained by the beautiful balance of spices that dance gracefully in their food.

Location: Nehru Place, New Delhi

Price: INR 775 for Sunday Brunch

Uforia Kitchen & Lounge Bar

Serving traditional pub grub in a classy setting, you are sure to get stuffed and chuffed here!

Location: MG Road, Gurgaon

Price: INR 399 for Sunday Brunch


Design your meal at the live buffet bar here. Pick your favourite vegetables or meat, select a sauce and the chef concocts a lip-smacking dish, just for you!

Location: DLF City Phase 5

Price: INR 915 for Sunday Brunch

Cross Avenue

An elaborate round-up of Asian and Continental dishes to tickle your taste buds on a late Sunday morning. Wash down the food with soft drinks that are part of the deal.

Location: Radisson Blu, UPSIDC Site 4

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch


With an exquisite Oriental spread, this is a must-visit spot for all you quintessential Chinese food-lovers. Remember to wear your elastic waist pants while you set out for this brunch buffet.

Location: Times Square Building, Gurgaon

Price: INR 886 for Sunday Brunch

Indian Grill Room

They specialise in rich and colourful Indian food that tantalises your taste buds with its unique and complex flavours.

Location: Suncity

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch

For more exciting deals on brunches in Delhi, check out the Food and Drink section at

Drop us a note here if you liked our compilation or in case you think we missed out a brunch bargain from this list.


Eleven Places That Can Jazz Up Your Mundane Weekend at Gurgaon (Content Strategi)

The city is upmarket and offers an array of interesting things that will never disappoint you. You are sure to have an immensely gratifying time – only if you plan to try out these amazing places at the most affordable prices.

Gurgaon is complete with fine-dining places to pubs to amusement parks to anything that you could wish for. Here is a list of places that will leave you bewildered and gush with joy!

Fine – Dining For The Elite

MoMo Café at the Courtyard by Marriot

Location: Courtyard by Marriott, 27, B Block, Sushant Lok 1, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Unlike what you think, MoMo stands for Modern Living Modern Dining. It serves the most palette-tickling North Indian, Italian and Continental food. The décor is modern with a separate kids’ activity area.

An open kitchen and hospitable staff are other notable features. The Sunday brunch at the MoMo is highly recommended.

Will Cost You:

  • Rs 499 for a weekend buffet breakfast
  • Rs 699 for a buffet lunch
  • Rs 999 for a buffet dinner

Check it out!

Kitchen District at the Hyatt Regency

Location: Hyatt Regency, NH-8, Sector 83, Gurgaon

The in-house restaurant at the Hyatt offers an array of Mediterranean, Indian, and Asian cuisines to choose from. Their gorgeous South Indian treat is a must try. The extravagant dining area accompanied with their amicable staff is sure to win your heart.

Will cost you:

  • Rs 599 for a buffet breakfast
  • Rs 999 for a buffet dinner

Check It Out!

The Great Kebab Factory at RaddisonBlu Marina

Location: Park Plaza Hotel, B Block, Phase 1, SushantLok, Gurgaon

The dim lighting and high-end interiors provide the best setup to enjoy a succulent variety of kebabs. Even though, you will find a full course meal, the taste of the perfectly made kebabs that stay on the tongue until the end. The staff in dungarees adds to the atmosphere to give you a wholesome experience.

Will cost you:

  • Rs 999 for a buffet lunch
  • Rs 1099 for a buffet dinner

Check It Out!

The Booze To Gulp Down The Food

If you are a lover of good amounts of booze, you will find enough breweries to keep you high.

Warehouse Café

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon

This Super Hero themed, rustic brewery and café serve you Asian, Continental, American, Italian and North Indian cuisines, with the choiciest of drinks. The music and feel of the café will win your heart.

Will cost you:

  • Rs 85 for a mug of freshly brewed beer
  • Rs 495 for a mug of beer and one starter(veg/non-veg)

Check It Out!

Adda by Striker

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon

The wooden furniture coupled with neon signs is what makes the place classy. Sit inside or outside, the café is spectacular all the same.  You can choose from Finger Food, Mexican, North Indian cuisines to go with the freshly brewed beer. The pizzas are a must try.

Will cost you:   

  • Rs 850 for a pitcher of beer and two starters between 12:30 pm to 7 pm
  • Rs 990 for a pitcher of beer and two starters between 7 pm to 12 am

Check It Out!

Walking Street by Soi7

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon

Chill inside or on the rooftop, the upbeat music keeps you on your feet and happy. The Asian food with good amounts of beer will only make it better.

Will cost you:

  • Rs 850 for a pitcher of beer and two starters between 12:30 pm to 7 pm
  • Rs 990 for a pitcher of beer and two starters between 7 pm to 12 am

Check It Out!

Ayurvedic Spa to Rejuvenate Mind and Body

If you are feeling zapped out of your energy, an excellent spa and massage can get you on your feet. The city has some fantastic spa centres to spring you into action.

Aravali Spa

Location: B59 A, Ground Floor, Adree City, Gurgaon 194, Sector 56, Gurgaon

A hygienic environment welcomes you at the spa. The experienced therapists offer a range of Ayurvedic spas.

Will Cost You:

  • Starts at Rs 299

Check It Out!

Sacred Healers

Location: DLF City, Phase 4, Gurgaon

The spa offers you a line of natural de-stressing and detoxifying natural therapies. It also provides an assortment of natural products to choose from.

Will Cost You:

  • Package starts from Rs 599

Check It Out!

Adventure and Games: For Those Who Love The Adrenaline Rush


Location: Near Huda City Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Meant for the young and the young at heart, this rain-jungle themed waterpark is sure to keep your heart pumping fast! It gives you a combination of 15 mind-boggling rides.

The must try rides –

  • Oh, My Gurgaon(OMG) – will lunge you from a launch chamber, inside a 45-degree loop with water springing out at a speed of 60 km/hr.
  • Sky Fall – A 90 ft. Fast, tall side and steep ride for the adventure freaks.

Will Cost You:

  • Package of Amusement Park, Water Park, and Buffet starts Rs 1600

Check It Out!


Location: DLF City Phase 2, Gurgaon

It will be your chance to have the ultimate king-size gaming experience of your life! The vast arena has all that a gamer can probably think of.

From cricket to bowling alleys; from snooker to racing; you name it- they have it! To top it all, they serve great food as well.

Will Cost You:

  • Combos start from Rs 499

Check It Out!


Location: 6th Floor, Ambience Mall, Ambience Island, Gurgaon

You can glide smoothly on the ice, fall, and stoop, or just watch others in astonishment. Either way, you are bound to have a gala time. One of a kind!

Will Cost You:

  • Packages start from Rs 599

Check It Out!

So you still think you could feel bored in the city of Gurgaon? Get up and get going. Try out all these places and funk up your weekend to make memories of a lifetime.

Once you are done, come back and share your experience. Spread the word to your friends and spread the merriment across!


Ten Awesome Things to Try in Goa (Content Strategi)

Goa is a diverse seaside destination for both those who want to kick back and relax as well as those who’re looking for adventure and fun. So, here’s listing ten amazing things to consider when visiting the perfect holiday destination.

  1. Ramada Caravela Beach Resort, Varca

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, there’s no better agenda than this one.

Indulge in the lovely three-course buffet lunch and unwind with an Abhyangam full body massage, relaxing head & face massage, topped with a soothing steam & sauna.

Free access to the pool and the gorgeous Varca Beach pulls the entire experience together and makes it the perfect Chill-By-The-beach scenario.

  1. Oorja Wellness Spa N Café, Pajifond

Though the spa experience is everyone’s ultimate relaxation technique, Yoga is a calming way to get in touch with your inner self and appreciate life for how marvellous it is.

Immerse yourself in an hour of poise and once you are done, treat yourself to a healthy meal at their guilt-free healthy dining café. The course is for as short as a week or as long as a month and comes at a reasonable price.

  1. Liquid Lounge –Kenilworth Resort, Salcete

Goa is famous for its fantastic clubs and nightlife, and this is one of the most happening places on Friday Nights. Enjoy unlimited drinks, grills and starters along with a dance floor and kicking DJs to keep the night alive.

As a nice little touch, the Lounge offers you the option of hookah of your choice just to mix things up a bit.

Sounds fun? Then, you better get your pass ASAP.

  1. Wake Boarding and Parasailing

Cavelossim Beach is water sports central, and if you’re looking for some adventure, I highly recommend you try this.

With professional instructors to assist and teach you, experience the thrill of Wake Boarding as you whiz past the world as if running on water andParasail over the deep blue waters, with the wind rushing through your hair.

  1. Private Sailing – Rediscovery Cruise

As much as the beaches are endearing, the backwaters of Goa are the real hidden treasures of the city. This journey will take you to that promised wonder.

Sip on beer and munch on the snacks offered while you gaze at the serenity of it all. If you’re not in the mood for a beer, worry not as they do offer other beverages as well. So, munch and make some memories somewhere only you’ll know.

  1. Beach Party – Café Lilliput

You’ve not seen the uniqueness of Goa nightlife until you’ve gone to a beach party, and Arjuna Beach is your destination. Groove to deep house and the best spins by upcoming DJs.

Though the party ends by 02:00 AM, it’s an excellent way to kick start club-hopping.

  1. India Photographer’s Club: Weekend Photography Workshop

This is an interesting opportunity to learn how to take some breath-taking photographs of sceneries, people, and architecture.

The course is not limited to DSLR owners/users but is open to anyone with any sort of camera; even an iPhone.

  1. Centre of Excellence: Chocolate Making & Cake Making Diploma

If you fancy the Culinary Arts and can’t do without being productive, consider taking this course and walking away with a diploma to prove it.

You can take back with you a Cake Business Diploma or a Chocolate Making Diploma anytime between April to July.

  1. Martin’s Place, Navelim

Burnt out after a long night and sleeping past noon? Don’t sweat it, for Martin’s is looking out for you.

With Goan, Portuguese, Continental and World cuisine, you’re bound to have an out-of-this-world meal.

  1. Deltin Royale Casino Cruise

Gambling is a cheeky sport which is fun and thrilling, especially when the stakes are high. If you want to try your luck, while enjoying quality drinks and live music, then this cruise is for you.

The unique things you do to have an unconventional vacation makes it more fun and memorable than any old planned trip patched up by your agent. If you have more to add to this list or want to share your experience, please comment below.

Happy Holiday!