INTERNET OF THINGS(Content Strategi – SEO)

Internet of things is considered as a third wave of internet helping to revolutionise the world. After several decades of improvements and developments in technology and revolutionising of the world, there have been several changes that have been deemed crucial for better services and improved products across the globe.

It is perceived that in the current generation, companies’ success is dependent on the internet of things to thrive. An overview description of internet of things describes it as a sole platform that connects devices like consumed services and products onto the network and revolutionises management making it highly efficient with expanded room for further developments. It is also considered that consumer demand is an aspect affecting internet of things adoption.


Internet of things is mobilising followers in large numbers in its transformations. It helps in bringing about changes in the entire work process, helping in the productivity improvements, cost containment and also helps in the enhancement of user experiences.

Some of the recent trends in IoT are:


It serves as a bridge where it connects useful information and plentiful of data to the IoT. Through the exposure of relevant data to connect devices, it forms a vital interface between the internet and things to actualize previously unseen forms.


Most individuals are highly sensitive when it comes to the issue of security and concerning their personal devices and information and data. This is achieved by all market players doing their part. To attain this level of security, a good system should be employed which can help attain the full potential of Internet of Things.

There have been some reforms that have been undertaken to attain maximum levels of security, and some of the concerned organisations helping in this are Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF).


It is an area that received great attention in the previous year. Business goals are attained by giving them the right platforms with right elements. A reliable IoT platform should connect devices, have the ability to gather reliable data, and furthermore accommodate a number of users.

As an addition to the above, a good platform should also have the capability to handle millions of messages at an instance. This makes it an agent of transformation in the business sector.


This is where the developed technologies around make the use of IP addresses to hover beyond connection and make it an intelligent feature. It helps different devices to be able to diagnose and adapt to their environment without, or minimal human interference. This has been made possible mainly through the use of sensors.

This feature can also handle large inputs and generate meaningful outputs. It has been able to keep up with the growing complexity of the Internet of Things by managing data.



There is a notable inadequacy of security of user data. It is a vital problem that is mainly affecting big scale levels. Different individuals, software and products also have a varying level of security needs.

Despite the cited case of insecurity, tremendous efforts have been made to curb this problem.


Product development has been quite rapid over the years, and there is a notable pattern in their variations.

To help curb this, solutions have also been developed to support new development like guidance from skilled individuals and solution integration.


This is where the developed products lack the efficiency or effectiveness required. It is not considered a problem among many users, but affects a number of individuals and has been solved through technology innovations in the IoT sector.

  1. The need to extract more value from each application.


There is high competition among companies and individuals but some of the top contenders to watch in the near future, or that have succeeded in recent past are mentioned below:

(a) Honeywell

It is considered a part of the Industrial Internet of Things and is focused in implementing digital technology into the manufacturing sector.

(b) Hitachi

It is a consulting company in Japan well known for helping companies apply IoT solutions in IoT spaces independently.

(c) Comcast

It is a well-known cable TV service provider and has developed a well-paying strategy to compete in the market.

(d) T-Mobile

It partnered with Twilio to make a cellular communication platform that could change IoT developed works.

Other companies that are succeeding are AT&T, Cisco (CSCO), IBM, Amazon, Skyworks, Apple, Google etc.


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Industrial Internet Consortium

IoT Security Foundation



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Why and How do downstream fast supply chain systems benefit from IOT? (Content Strategy – SEO)

IOT (The Internet of things) has trended very popularly with manufacturing and businesses. A research firm (Gartner) has researched the huge surge and predicted that by 2020 a supply chain system would operate significantly different than in the past.

How does IOT impact the supply chain system presently?

Currently IOT offers the following:

  • M2M (machine to machine) contact
  • Devices can be monitored, and instantly recognised if not running correctly.
  • Everything will be internet connected.
  • Supply chain leaders can gain much more information on their technology.

In 2015, the IOT market was sized at $900M – McKinsey (see source) predicts that by 2020 the industry will grow to over $3.7B.

A downstream supply chain system

Downstream just means where the company takes part in production; upstream is manufacturing raw materials, whereas downstream is closer to the end user.

Although IOT is very vast amongst business and isn’t a one size fit all, we can use the oil industry as an example and how the players have benefited from using the internet of things.

Upstream supply chain system

Production and exploration


Transportation and storage


Petroleum retailers and refineries

Let’s look at the benefits of IOT for Petroleum retailers.

The figures:

In previous years’ oil rose to $100 per barrel. However, new technologies recently enabled prices to drop to $20 – $30 per barrel.

This has resulted in well-performing oil companies to preserve top and bottom lines.

Source here

How does IOT help with a downstream supply system?

It will solve a lot of challenges that petroleum retailers face, especially with the following factors:

  • Outlets will be better at organising assets.
  • Easily manage supply chains.
  • Better customer relationships.

Most lucratively, IOT will provide information on every element of their business.

This can include monitoring of petrol pumps, equipment, health and safety, precise logistics handling, stock control and IT equipment.

Can it help downstream players with marketing?

The new IOT system offers more efficient advertising, by expanding visibility into the hydrocarbon supply chain and reaching new consumers through digital marketing.

This is just sticking to the example of a petroleum company; it can fit any business to improve performance, reliability, save costs, and work to maximum efficiency.

How IOT can change how downstream view suppliers

The system can provide retailers of all the suppliers available, an accurate reading of delivery, who’s got the best value stock and to check their reliability.

This will cause much heavier competition between the suppliers, as areas where they lacked before, will need more attention because of higher visibility to clients.

In Summary

Looking at why and how IOT can help a downstream fast supply chain system, we can see the countless benefits it can do to improve a business – and it doesn’t stop there because it’s only still the beginning with this new technology.

When we do reach the year 2020 (when the IOT industry is expected to expand in value by $3), the technology available will ultimately change how the business landscape works altogether.


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Delight your mother this Mother’s Day with luxurious treats from (Content Strategi – SEO)

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Mother’s day special – A tribute to the most important person in your life

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12 Of the Best Sunday Brunches That Delhi Has To Offer (Content Strategi)

Why do Sundays always wake you up to a challenge – a challenge to satiate your growling tummy, at a time when most breakfast serving eateries would have wrapped up service?

Sunday brunches to the rescue!  Here is a list of the best in the city.


After you soak in the lush green personality of the resort gardens, head over to Mosaic for their sumptuous brunch with unlimited soft drinks and exclusive pool access. Heaven is the word!

Location: Country Inn & Suites, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch

Asia Seven

If you have Pan-Asian on your mind, stop by here. Their live Sushi and Khao Suey counters are sure to transport you to a food heaven of the crouching tiger type!

Location: Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Price: INR 895 for Sunday Brunch

Atrio Resort

The restaurant here is creating lasting food memories that beckon you over to the same setting again and again. The highlight of the meal is the dessert course that is of the melt-in-your-mouth variety.

Location: Atrio Resort, Kapashera

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch


Savour the delicacies in their elaborate brunch spread spanning a variety of cuisines, for a unique dining experience.

Location: Park Inn, Indraprastha Extension

Price: INR 799 for Sunday Brunch


Specialising in traditional Marwari and Jain cuisines, the restaurant dishes up pure bliss in the form of vegetarian food. Interiors that are enveloped in rich blue and silver with traditional motifs and statement furniture immediately transport you to a bygone royal era.

Location: The Ashok, Chanakyapuri

Price: INR 779 for Sunday Brunch


The first thing that greets you here is the quirky wall decor, a striking chandelier, and unconventional seating. The aroma of the chef’s specialities grabs you next, and you succumb to an explosion of tastes.

Location: West Punjabi Bagh

Price: INR 449 for Sunday Brunch

Oh! Calcutta

Soothing Bengali music plays in the background while you are entertained by the beautiful balance of spices that dance gracefully in their food.

Location: Nehru Place, New Delhi

Price: INR 775 for Sunday Brunch

Uforia Kitchen & Lounge Bar

Serving traditional pub grub in a classy setting, you are sure to get stuffed and chuffed here!

Location: MG Road, Gurgaon

Price: INR 399 for Sunday Brunch


Design your meal at the live buffet bar here. Pick your favourite vegetables or meat, select a sauce and the chef concocts a lip-smacking dish, just for you!

Location: DLF City Phase 5

Price: INR 915 for Sunday Brunch

Cross Avenue

An elaborate round-up of Asian and Continental dishes to tickle your taste buds on a late Sunday morning. Wash down the food with soft drinks that are part of the deal.

Location: Radisson Blu, UPSIDC Site 4

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch


With an exquisite Oriental spread, this is a must-visit spot for all you quintessential Chinese food-lovers. Remember to wear your elastic waist pants while you set out for this brunch buffet.

Location: Times Square Building, Gurgaon

Price: INR 886 for Sunday Brunch

Indian Grill Room

They specialise in rich and colourful Indian food that tantalises your taste buds with its unique and complex flavours.

Location: Suncity

Price: INR 999 for Sunday Brunch

For more exciting deals on brunches in Delhi, check out the Food and Drink section at

Drop us a note here if you liked our compilation or in case you think we missed out a brunch bargain from this list.


Ten Awesome Things to Try in Goa (Content Strategi)

Goa is a diverse seaside destination for both those who want to kick back and relax as well as those who’re looking for adventure and fun. So, here’s listing ten amazing things to consider when visiting the perfect holiday destination.

  1. Ramada Caravela Beach Resort, Varca

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, there’s no better agenda than this one.

Indulge in the lovely three-course buffet lunch and unwind with an Abhyangam full body massage, relaxing head & face massage, topped with a soothing steam & sauna.

Free access to the pool and the gorgeous Varca Beach pulls the entire experience together and makes it the perfect Chill-By-The-beach scenario.

  1. Oorja Wellness Spa N Café, Pajifond

Though the spa experience is everyone’s ultimate relaxation technique, Yoga is a calming way to get in touch with your inner self and appreciate life for how marvellous it is.

Immerse yourself in an hour of poise and once you are done, treat yourself to a healthy meal at their guilt-free healthy dining café. The course is for as short as a week or as long as a month and comes at a reasonable price.

  1. Liquid Lounge –Kenilworth Resort, Salcete

Goa is famous for its fantastic clubs and nightlife, and this is one of the most happening places on Friday Nights. Enjoy unlimited drinks, grills and starters along with a dance floor and kicking DJs to keep the night alive.

As a nice little touch, the Lounge offers you the option of hookah of your choice just to mix things up a bit.

Sounds fun? Then, you better get your pass ASAP.

  1. Wake Boarding and Parasailing

Cavelossim Beach is water sports central, and if you’re looking for some adventure, I highly recommend you try this.

With professional instructors to assist and teach you, experience the thrill of Wake Boarding as you whiz past the world as if running on water andParasail over the deep blue waters, with the wind rushing through your hair.

  1. Private Sailing – Rediscovery Cruise

As much as the beaches are endearing, the backwaters of Goa are the real hidden treasures of the city. This journey will take you to that promised wonder.

Sip on beer and munch on the snacks offered while you gaze at the serenity of it all. If you’re not in the mood for a beer, worry not as they do offer other beverages as well. So, munch and make some memories somewhere only you’ll know.

  1. Beach Party – Café Lilliput

You’ve not seen the uniqueness of Goa nightlife until you’ve gone to a beach party, and Arjuna Beach is your destination. Groove to deep house and the best spins by upcoming DJs.

Though the party ends by 02:00 AM, it’s an excellent way to kick start club-hopping.

  1. India Photographer’s Club: Weekend Photography Workshop

This is an interesting opportunity to learn how to take some breath-taking photographs of sceneries, people, and architecture.

The course is not limited to DSLR owners/users but is open to anyone with any sort of camera; even an iPhone.

  1. Centre of Excellence: Chocolate Making & Cake Making Diploma

If you fancy the Culinary Arts and can’t do without being productive, consider taking this course and walking away with a diploma to prove it.

You can take back with you a Cake Business Diploma or a Chocolate Making Diploma anytime between April to July.

  1. Martin’s Place, Navelim

Burnt out after a long night and sleeping past noon? Don’t sweat it, for Martin’s is looking out for you.

With Goan, Portuguese, Continental and World cuisine, you’re bound to have an out-of-this-world meal.

  1. Deltin Royale Casino Cruise

Gambling is a cheeky sport which is fun and thrilling, especially when the stakes are high. If you want to try your luck, while enjoying quality drinks and live music, then this cruise is for you.

The unique things you do to have an unconventional vacation makes it more fun and memorable than any old planned trip patched up by your agent. If you have more to add to this list or want to share your experience, please comment below.

Happy Holiday!


Breakfast Brunch Buffets-Under INR 1000?! (Content Strategi)

The craving for lunch and breakfast at the same time is nothing new to human beings. Believed to have trended first during the late 19th century, it originated from Britain, and eventually found its popularity in the United States. Now, brunch is seen as an international way of saying “I Woke Up Late, And I Can’t Decide Between Lunch and Breakfast!”.

7 Must Try Brunch Restaurants In Delhi, Yes, Below INR 1000!

1. Gallery Café – Hyatt Place:

If it’s got class, Hyatt’s got it.

This one’s for the hardcore brunch-maniac! The awe-inspiring lights and retaliating red wallpaper go well with their exclusive, and yet modest brunch buffet spread, which, if I add, is a glorious mixture of cafe style dishes and traditional Indian delicacies. Oh so classy, you see?

This is one of the largest convention hotels in Delhi and a landmark, so you can’t miss it, but here’s their website anyway.

Their Social Sunday Brunch buffet starts from ₹999 only!

2. Jungle Jamboree:

The variety will make you beat your chest in delight!

If you’ve never been to the jungle then no worries, because these guys transport you directly into their alluring jungle sets! Mixed with peaceful ambient jungle soundscapes, you’re going to end up getting more than just a relaxing Sunday brunch here. They serve a 7-course meal, with beverages right to your table, and for the self service-enthusiast, they offer a buffet as well. And the best part? It starts from ₹899.

And for the father that forgot to take his children to Disney Land, hint, get them here- They’re going to love it!

Check them out now and avail their special offers.

 3. Hard Rock Café:

Well… The Name Says It All.

Quirky? No. Hardcore? Yes!

One of Delhi’s best brunch buffet spreads is here. Those Sunday mornings can present a challenge when you don’t find a restaurant serving breakfast at your convenience. 

No worries here, as Hard Rock Cafe is open from 10 am.

Their Sunday brunch with two free drinks will set you back by just ₹999.

You should take a look at their offerings right away.

 4. Latest Recipe – Le Meridien:

Epitome Of Quality And Experience.

Bonjour Mes Amis! Now, we’re all aware the French know a thing or two about cooking, and yes, they seem to love brunches too!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the French cuisine or a born-again “Frenchy”, this place screams luxury dining at it’s finest.

But I can assure you, nothing, and I mean nothing, beats croissants and scrambled eggs except croissants, scrambled eggs, and full spread dinner options! I wish I had the audacity to convey my love for this place’s ambience, but I won’t spoil the visit for you. It’s one of those things in life you’ve got to experience to believe!

Your taste buds will love Le Meridian, and your wallet will too, as the brunch starts from just ₹899.

You can jump the queue and grab a deal on their website. So hurry!

 5. Southy:

The Perfect South Indian Comfort Food.

South India’s cuisine is known for its blend of dynamic spices and pure savour.

That being said, not all of us can rush down south to get that exquisite taste that is South Indian cuisine, which is why Southy is the next best option for you Delhiites.

The meals are unbelievably economical and commence from just Rs. 200 for a South Indian thali.

Southy is bound to satisfy the deep rooted Indian in you and oh if you’re not an Indian, find out what it’s like to be when you eat at Southy!

Grab their super-saver combo right now.

 6. Pirates of Grill:

Everything Tastes Better On The Grill.

These are not your average pirates that steal ships and what not. Instead, they’ll be stealing your heart with their scrumptious food!

And did I mention their brunch spread is sooth as slick? You can’t ever go wrong with these guys cause they seem to have something for every foody out there: North Indian, Continental, Asian and of course, Mediterranean cuisines for the hardcore brunch enthusiast!

No, despite the name, Pirates of Grill won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can have a satisfying meal starting from ₹641.

Get a taste of all your world cuisine options right here.

 7. T’Pot Café:

For The English In You.

This is it, folks. The height of quality brunch spreads. It simply does not get classier than this.

For all my players out there that like to get a little naughty and have breakfast and lunch together, this destination is a quirky one and is sure to put a big naughty smile on your face, but make sure to pack your pants loose cause you’ll be needing those extra inches!

With its economical brunch starting from ₹800, this is as delightful as it gets.

But before you ride your motor to T’Pot Café, you might wanna drop by on their website and grab one of those combos that they offer.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you can’t decide on whether to have lunch or breakfast, simply have both!

Best of both worlds is what I always believe in.

A meal is best enjoyed when shared. So share these classy brunch ideas with your loved ones and see the smile on their faces.

Also, we would love to hear from you. So if you have any suggestions, or know an excellent brunch destination that we missed out, please tell us in the comment section below.


12 best places in Delhi for that perfect Sunday Brunch (Content Strategi)

Had your most inexpensive and delicious brunch yet? If not, then your taste buds are in for a surprise. We have a list of restaurants that are cautiously picked to serve the divine purpose of fulfilling your urge for luscious Food. 

Also, special care is taken to ensure most of your money stays in the pocket. So here are the best places in Delhi that present a scrumptious weekend brunch just under Rs.1000.    

MediumWellDone at DLF City Phase 5

If you are a big fan of the big fat burger and a steak gets you all googly-eyed, this is your heaven!

With American and European fare on offer, head here for a brunching extravaganza!

Offer: Sunday brunch at Rs.899

The Ancient Barbecue at Sector 50

The decor is chic, and the presence of amiable staff makes a great stay.

If Barbeque is the word you go by, then this place is worth a drive.

Offer: Sunday brunch at Rs.799

Mosaic – Country Inn & Suites at Sector 29

With pancakes, mocktails and a swimming pool on offer, this place is a Sunday brunch specialist!

Head here to devour delights, this brunch will redeem your food senses!

Offer: Sunday brunch at Rs.999

Bistrot at Optus Sarovar Premiere

With a range of Indian and Continental fare on offer, this place is go-to for foodies.

With an exuberant coffee shop and fine service, head here for a hearty Sunday meal.

Offer: Buffet breakfast at Rs.399

RGB – Park Inn at Indraprastha Extension

Fresh, Trendy, and Fun are the best words that describe this restaurant.

If you would like to unwind this Sunday, a perfect brunch awaits you at RGB!

Offer: Sunday Brunch at Rs.799

MoMo Cafe at the Courtyard by Marriott

The open kitchen and contemporary interiors are a delight for the eyes.

If you are looking for a refreshing brunch and wish to be served like royalty, head straight here!

Offer: Weekend buffet breakfast at Rs.499

Golden Tulip at Vasundhara

This restaurant makes for a lavish getaway!

With a range of Indian, Continental and Oriental fare on offer, head here for a quality bruncheon!

Offer: Sunday Brunch at Rs.799

Khandani Rajdhani at Connaught Place

With an aarti to welcome you, this place is traditions galore!

Head here for a wholesome brunch at a fantastic price. And let’s not forget the bliss of having 32 items on the plate!

Offer: Weekend Rajdhani thali at Rs.499

Fresc Co at Ambience Island

A peppy decor and a variety of cuisines win scores for this restaurant-cum-bar.

Head here for a feast this Sunday!

Offer: Sunday Brunch at Rs.999

Pirates of Grill at Rajouri Garden

This restaurant has got it all – pirate style!

With fine dining, pretty interiors and a range of cuisines to bowl you over, this place is worth your Sunday!

Offer: Veg Sunday Brunch at Rs.641

Bonitos – The Uppal at Samaika

With exotic decor and European hues, this luxurious lounge will transport you!

Make this your Sunday destination for a brunching experience like no other!

Offer: Sunday Brunch at Rs.899

Bailamos at Punjabi Bagh West

 A quaint setting and excellent staff make for a great stay.

With delicious Indian fare on offer, head here for a spicy affair this Sunday!

Offer: Sunday Brunch at Rs.499

Now that you have a list to choose from, plan your weekend itinerary accordingly. Don’t forget to share this guide on Facebook and Twitter, and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Get on the weekend food mania, Happy Brunching!


12 best places in Delhi for that perfect Sunday Brunch (Content Strategi)

Had your most inexpensive and delicious meal yet? If not, then your taste buds are in for a surprise. We have a list of restaurants that are cautiously picked to serve the divine purpose of fulfilling your urge for luscious Food. 

Also, special care is taken to ensure most of your money stays in the pocket. So here are the best places in Delhi that present a scrumptious weekend brunch just under Rs.1000.    

MoMo Cafe at the Courtyard by Marriott

The open kitchen and contemporary interiors are a delight for the eyes.

If you are looking for a refreshing meal and wish to be served like royalty, head straight here!

Offer: Rs 499 for a weekend buffet breakfast 

Khandani Rajdhani at Connaught Place

With an aarti to welcome you, this place is traditions galore!

Head here for a wholesome brunch at a fantastic price. And let’s not forget the bliss of having 32 items on the plate!

Offer: Rs 499 for the weekend Rajdhani Thali

The Vapour Grill at Sector 29

This restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Italian fare. The sophisticated decor and hospitable staff make for a lovely experience.

If you are looking for a fancy Brunch, reserve your space here this Sunday.

Offer: Rs 759 for a weekend buffet lunch

The Ancient Barbeque at Sector 50

The decor is chic, and the presence of amiable staff makes for a great stay.

If Barbeque is the word, you go by then this place is worth a drive.

Offer: Rs 799 for a Sunday brunch

Kathputli at Defence Colony

Offering a broad range of Rajasthani delicacies, this place is apt for the weekend brunch.

So get your vegetarian folk along and head here for that perfect family Sunday.

Offer: Rs 549 for a special Marwari Thali on weekends.

Bistrot at Optus Sarovar Premiere

With a wide range of Indian and Continental fare on offer, this place is go-to for foodies.

With an exuberant coffee shop and fine service, head here for a hearty Sunday meal.

Offer: Rs 399 for a buffet breakfast

Smaaash at DLF City Phase 2

Food, Fun, and Games are the best words that describe this restaurant. The peppy decor and interactive games win scores for this eatery.

So tag your buddies along and head here for a fun weekend!

Offer: Rs 499 for a Pizza and Games Combo

Kitchen District at Hyatt Regency

This is an in-house restaurant serving Continental, Indian and Japanese fare.

This place is perfect for the weekend distraction; head here for the luxury feels.

Offer: Rs 599 for a buffet breakfast   

Infinity at Crowne Plaza

An ideal location and a commercial setting make this restaurant a cool get-away. Save space here this weekend for a quality luncheon.

Offer: Rs 555 for a buffet breakfast

The Vault Cafe at Connaught Place

The merry ambience and a vault theme are things to watch out for at this peppy ghetto.

Head here for a sundry and fun experience!

Offer: Rs 499 for a starter with 4 drinks

Jungle Jamboree at Connaught Place

This is a 3-storey restaurant with an exclusive jungle theme to dazzle you on each floor.

Reserve your space here for the Wildest Brunch Ever!

Offer: Rs 675 for a 7-course Buffet Lunch

Bailamos at Punjabi Bagh West

A quaint setting and excellent staff make for a great stay.

With delicious Indian fare on offer, Head here for a spicy affair this Sunday!

Offer: Rs 499 for a Sunday Brunch

Now that you have a list to choose from, plan your weekend itinerary accordingly. Don’t forget to share this guide on social media and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Get on the weekend food mania, Happy Brunching!


10 Places That Will Make Your Goa Trip Unforgettable! (Content Strategi)

No matter how often it is said, it will always ring true: Goa is the most iconic party destination in India.

Everyone wants to visit Goa at least once in their life and be a part of its liberal and stress-free lifestyle.

Here are Ten Activities and Places You’d Want To Try Out:

Food Haunts:

  1. Pousada by the Beach: This exemplar fine dining also quite simply embodies the ideal dining experience. Cosily located close to the Calangute Beach, it is difficult to miss. Excellent food, polite service, artful furniture and an enviable location all roll into one unforgettable experience. Some of the more popular items on their menu are the Peri-Peri Calamari, Pork Fejoida, and the prawns.

Pricing: Approximately INR 2000 for two people

  1. The Garden, Colva: Situated near the Colva Beach, it is best known for its mouth-watering North Indian food which ranges from traditional to experimental. They have cheese Chili Naans, Chicken 65, and everything in between. What’s more, the place is friendly both regarding its service and on your pocket.

Pricing: Approximately INR 1500 for two people

  1. Ranchikud, Porvorim: While the two restaurants above are excellent high-end dining spots, Ranchikud is delightfully agreeable with the wallet. It has great fish thalis to go along with a comfy and revitalising ambience. A highly recommended visit for anyone going to Goa, and looking for a great meal on a budget.

Pricing: Grab a Fish Thali with a pint of Beer for an unbelievable INR 149 using this Nearbuy deal.

Look Your Best:

  1. Relooking Beauty and Slimming Centre, Panjim: When in Goa, it’s understood that you’re going to be hitting the beach to party. So if you want to look your best, Relooking is a great option. They offer services ranging from the usual and mundane like haircuts to the radical and cutting-edge.

Pricing: Get a haircut, wash, and blow-dry for just INR 250 (for men) with this Nearbuy offer.

  1. Ocean Spa & Salon: All that partying can take a toll on you, and the folks at Ocean Spa & Salon understand that. It is a cosy, relaxing haven in the busy, moving spectacle that is Goa. They offer exquisite spa treatments, pampering salon care like threading and top-drawer beauty products to help you re-energize. Compared to a normal beauty centre, this offers a more holistic relaxation experience.

Pricing: Get a haircut, clean-up, and threading for just INR 999 (for women).

Hotels and Hospitality:

  1. Golden Tulip: Standing tall near the Candolim Beach, this magnificent 4 Star Deluxe hotel represents the best in high-end hospitality. With a marvellously refreshing swimming pool, efficient centres, and great views– guests at the Golden Tulip can ask for little more.

Pricing: Get a stay for two with breakfast at just INR 3666 using this Nearbuy deal.


  1. Ramada Caravela Beach Resort: If you want exquisite Goan hospitality instead of the normal hotels, Ramada Caravela Beach Resort is the place you’re looking for. With its minimalistic yet comfortable environs, it has kept the spirit of the beach alive in the comfort of a resort – a rare achievement.

Pricing: Stay for two with breakfast costs INR 5883.

  1. Sukho Thai Foot Spa: It is quite frankly delightfully alarming how good an authentic Thai foot massage feels. All the stress, tension, and negativity are smoked out, and you feel like your mind is flooded with positive vibes and good energy.

Pricing: Using Nearbuy’s voucher, you can get foot therapy for just INR 75.

Connect with the Goan Skies and Seas:

  1. Rediscovery Cruises Private Boat Ride: The gently seductive and exhilarating sensation of bobbing around India’s most iconic party destination has a charm of its own. You could go for the couples ride to get closer to that special someone or a group ride to have a ball of a time with friends old and new.

Pricing: Hop on a couples ride at INR 3999 with this deal from Nearbuy.


  1. Wakeboarding and Parasailing at Chalo Picnic: They say that one can capture the soul of a seaside destination only by taking to the skies and the seas. Whether it be zipping across the water on a board, or gliding across beautiful skies with the almost spiritual horizon in the distance, Chalo Picnic is a great adventure park to visit. It is incredibly fun, and water sports are a must on any Goa trip, as many would confirm.

Pricing: Discover your love for wakeboarding at INR 1850.

With all the feel-good experiences that Goa has to offer- from water sports to food and hotels, it would be mighty unfair not to tell people about this iconic party destination.

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10 Awesome Things To Try in Goa! (Content Strategi)

The sun, the sand, and the waves – Goa is all you can hope for in your ideal getaway. Arguably the most happening place in the whole country, the whole city’s always having a party, and Nearbuy brings that party to you with a list of ten awesome things that everyone should try out in Goa!

  1. Luxury Boat Rides By Rediscover Cruises:

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Arabian Sea as well as Goa’s backwaters with the most brilliant experience you can think of. Luxury boat rides by Rediscover include air-conditioned boats that can be rented exclusively for couples to enjoy their long held dream of a cruise on the high seas.

Exclusive Couple Rides at INR 3,999/-

Group Rides at INR 4,599/- (4-5 persons)

  1. Wake Boarding And Parasailing by Chalo Picnic:

Always wanted to experience adventure sports but decided to listen to the saner voices in your head and took a step back? That’s about to end with Chalo Picnic’s exciting offers on zip-lining, parasailing, rock climbing, rope bridges and so much more.

Wake Boarding at INR 1,850/-

Para-sailing in Cavelossim at INR 3200/-

  1. Kayaking at Chalo Picnic:

Hit the high seas with your newfound maritime skills as you get to learn navigation as well pedalling a boat with Chalo Picnic, India’s largest adventure parks. The opportunities for fun are limitless as you hit the high seas and try your hand at air-based as well as water-based adventure sports at Chalo Picnic.

Kayaking at INR 1200/-

  1. A Day of Fun at Froggyland Waterpark:

There are some things that you can’t do at the beach, say you can’t float on water or experience the wonder of a party in the middle of the rain. Giving you your full dose of fun, Froggyland brings to you it’s whole range of adventure sports as well as the opportunity to do nothing as you laze in the water.

All of this, only for you at an extremely affordable rate.

INR 399/- for individuals above 4ft in height and INR 249/- for those below that.

  1. Outdoor Paintball at Chalo Picnic:

A day of fun with friends is always incomplete without Paintball, and yes you are covered even there. Chalo Picnic’s incredible range of offerings includes paintball with friends at amazingly affordable prices that you have to see to believe.

Paintball at INR 4,200/-

  1. Dreamz Salon and Spa at Calungate:

After a hard day’s fun with adventure sports and water parks all thrown in, who wouldn’t want to relax at the spa? So for all you moms and soon to be moms, we have an afternoon of wonderful relaxation thrown in just for you, at Dreamz.

Candle Oil Massage at INR 2,400/-

Wine Body Wraps at INR 1,800/-

  1. The Spa – Leela, Goa:

What’s better than a relaxing spa? A package that offers you a day or two at the spa along with a complete package for holistic rejuvenation along with a round or two of golf thrown in, of course. The Leela Spa offers you a complete package that includes Ayurvedic treatment aimed at making you whole again.

Full Body Massage and golfing at 38% discounted rates!

  1. The Baga Beach Resort in Baga:

Adding to our list of incredible places in and around Goa, we simply cannot leave out the Baga Beach Resort, which has, over the years assumed a sort of a cult status among locals and tourists alike.

Happy hours, a four-course meal and access to the pool, it can’t get much better.

Full Package at INR 2,353/-

  1. Peter’s Pub:

An authentic Goan meal coupled with Goa’s famous booze is a must do in Goa.

4 Course Meal and Wine at INR 999/-

  1. Fish Ka:

Goa is incomplete without fish!

Three-course seafood lunch or dinner along with drinks at only INR 999/-

Now, with such exciting offers, do not waste any more time and just relax without leaving a hole in your pocket! Tell everyone about us and help your loved ones enjoy with luxury!