Not filed your tax return yet? 5 reasons you may be in luck! (Content Princess – SEO)

Tax returns may frighten even the best of us when the deadline is near. But this year is the season to relax, keeping your worries at bay. There are reasons for submitting the returns late and still keeping the penalties away!

With the deadline for submitting IRS tax returns extended to April 18th, 2017 this year, you are in luck! It’s still not late to file your returns.

Do You Need To File Your Tax Return?

Before you panic over your taxes, be sure you need to submit the tax return. Under certain conditions, filing taxes is not necessary.

Consider your age as well, since being over or under 65 impacts your requirement to file.

Don’t file if you have no income. You also don’t need to file if your income falls below minimum brackets. If you’re single and under 65, you file if you earn over $10,350. If you file jointly, you file if you earn over $20,700.  

Dependents also can’t claim their exemptions regardless of age. When their earned income is more than the standard deduction for a single taxpayer ($6,300), they will still receive a return.

No Penalties

Not sending in your tax returns translates to penalties. You’ll be charged 5% of what you owe when you don’t submit by the due date of filing of the tax return. Being 60 days late will get you at least a $135 late filing fee.

If you don’t owe anything though, there aren’t any penalties for not filing. Being owed a refund also means that you won’t be charged a late filing fee.

Please Give An Extension!

Talk to the IRS right away if you haven’t filed but still need to. The time you have left might not be enough time, so ask for an extension.

An automatic six-month extension is given to anyone who asks when filing a federal tax return. This pushes the due date until October 16th. This way you can avoid penalties.

I Still Want My Refund!

Even if you haven’t needed to file taxes for the past three years, you can still get a refund. You can get the money you pay as a federal tax back.

For up to three years since your original due date, you can still get your refund. This means that if you haven’t filed yet, try next year or ask for your extension. 

Late Refunds

Not filing yet, won’t make a huge impact as you might think. You may even have a friend who submitted in January and is still waiting to get his refund.

The IRS can’t always give out refunds fast. Part of this has to do with form issues, like errors, incomplete forms, or further review.

Claims filed before February 15th for an Earned Income Tax Credit, or an Additional Child Tax Credit will also take longer. Form 8379 for Injured Spouse Allocation can take up to 14 weeks to process.

On average, however, 21 days is usually how long you’ll have to wait regardless of when you file your tax return.

Filing tax returns need not always be stressful, you might even get lucky sometimes!

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Among the most developing countries in Africa is Egypt and it is revolutionising the modern world symmetrically like the other top countries. It is developing into a powerhouse from the recent conferences and summits held in the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in the nation. There has been a haze recently caused by the latest startup scenes in the kind of development experienced. Below are some of the recent startups that are causing a haze and considered as the next big things in the country:-

  1. TA2HEAL

It is one of the recently developed online services that were created to provide assistance to parents that have children with a known diagnosis of autism. It is sad to note that despite the high number of individuals, not only children, with autism, there is still a notable lack of sufficient or reliable services. In case there were services provided, they were highly overpriced. Despite this, there were also a high number of fraud cases forwarded in the case of child diagnosis and training.

To curb these problems, Ta2heal was developed to extinguish the deficiency regarding online services offered and also improve the physical ground services provided to the patients. A unique feature that comes with Ta2heal is the Patient Trainer feature where quite some parents and guardians can be sufficiently educated on the necessary required needs and services to help their children adapt and tutor the latter on the required essential skills under a rigorously implemented curriculum.


The challenge of locating and getting reliable communication to experienced personnel is a worldwide problem. It is quite difficult to select the best of the best out of the rest, but through the recent developments, they have been able to create a channel where customers can pre-assess professionals in the field. The newly developed fixawy is a unique feature destined to help us out, though currently, it is still under development. It can be accessed in Cairo and Alexandria.

Despite being a new development in this sector, it currently boasts of over 100 personnel and over 5000 recent users that have benefited from this service. Noting its importance it acquired a second place in the recent Rise up Microsoft Egypt Startup.


It is a recent development in Mansoura that comprises of a conglomeration of specialised engineers who have skills in solving technical problems; they are four to be precise. A recently developed invention is the Beacon application that is set to revolutionize emergency calls. It can access your contacts and is equipped with the unique ability to send notifications to the specified individuals at any instance of an emergency alert. All these discussed processes are done with ease since it is through the press of a single button.

  1. HELM

It is a unique organisation that is run by the sole aim to aid disabled individuals and is also keen to provide or increase job opportunities for people who have a recorded case of disability. It is conducted through their organisational activities like offering companies to develop a productive but still diverse base of employees. In addition to this, it also provides career counselling services to individuals.

This organisation will be a great boost considering the number of citizens living with disabilities which are on the rise every year. The initiative is considered as a productive task since they help the disabled people attain their desired potentials.

  1. RAKNA

Due to the high levels of civilisation and industrialisation, population growth has both positive and negative side effects. Regarding negative, we can mention the high number of automobiles recorded in Egypt especially in the capital, Cairo, where the population is growing every year. Due to the increasing number of automobiles, it has become a hectic process when it comes to the locating of a reliable parking spot. This is even more difficult when in a hurry or wanting to access a facility nearby.

Ahmed Zaki and Omar Radi are the sole developers of the Egypt-based valet parking system that was developed with the sole aim to curb this problem. Locating a reliable and safe parking has never been this easy, and it is with the help of RAKNA application. All one has to do, is request for a valet and they hand over their car to be parked safely. To ensure the security of their automobile, the users are provided with the full relevant information concerning the hired valet, and if that is not enough, the customer can easily request back their cars.


Despite the many upcoming startups, some of them have shown a tremendous growth rate and are being developed even further. These startups are being developed with time depending on the needs of the next generation, and in 2017 the mentioned startups are surely destined to grow further from the developments being made.


5 Egypt-Based Startups To Look Out For In 2017(Content Princess)

With 2017 well and truly underway, the time has come for us to look at some of the up and coming startups that the commencing year has to offer. With entrepreneurship and the startup scene becoming more and more popular in Egypt, the country is beginning to produce some of the most promising startups of 2017 – so much so that it will soon be able to rival any country across the globe.

So without further ado, here are five of the most promising Egyptian startups that are set to embark on their journey in 2017:

  1. TA2HEAL – This startup offers an incredible online service which was created to help parents of children with autism. Their aim is to aid in the field, seeing as there are around 60,000 children who suffer from autism, are incredibly underfunded and have a worrying lack of services dedicated to their cause. TA2HEAL looks to change that fact, offering affordable and wholeheartedly helpful services to parents of those who suffer from autism, through services like online training and on-ground activities.
  2. FIXAWY This is almost like an online comparison site for independent handymen and home care specialists. FIXAWY is the solution to all of our problems! Ever get tired of scrolling through hours and hours of Google ads and independent pages trying to find the right guy for the job? Well with FIXAWY, that is no longer necessary. There website hosts a whopping 100+ handymen who specialise in all sorts of tricks and trades, making it far easier for customers to compare skills and prices in a singular, easy-to-navigate space.
  3. HELM Helm is a non-profit organisation that specifically focuses on and offers employment opportunities to those suffering from disabilities. They create opportunities and openings through a variety of initiatives and programs, one of which focuses on assisting companies and helping them to take on a not only productive but also largely diverse workforce. Essentially, helping businesses and companies to develop their facilities and teach them how to cater those with disabilities, which will allow them to open the door to them.
  4. RAKNA A company providing a clever little service in a country which is often burdened by a lack of parking spaces, especially in its busier areas such as Alexandria and Cairo. Customers simply request their car to be picked up at a specific time and location, and a Rakna employee will come and collect it, take it back to a Rakna-approved location and then return their car to the same location at the specified time when the customer wishes to leave.
  5. VDITORY – A startup which provides the visually-impaired with an amazing device which can provide them with synthetic sight. The device can read text, recognise the faces of people that the wearer meets and can even describe the views and scenery outside. The company intends to bring sight to, or at least simulate it for, as many people as they possibly can.

So there you have it, the top five Egyptian startups to look out for in 2017! These are some of the most promising and innovative startups that will be gracing the technological world in 2017, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to watch over their undoubtedly rocketing success.



The GMAT- A Mighty Foe in Comprehension (Content Princess – SEO)

The GMAT (The Graduate Management Admission Test) was developed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (or GMAC) and assesses analytical writing and problem-solving mechanics that are believed to be essential to real-world business management success. You can currently take the GMAT exam in one of 600 test centres around the world, and roughly 250,000 people take the exam every year. The GMAT test adjusts according to your ability to answer questions in a quick and timely manner, so even if you’re successful and well prepared,you’ll have your work cut out for you. No pressure, though.

Know Thy Enemy

The exam itself can be broken down into four different segments, each with their own particular focus, duration, and question types.

  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

The Analytical Writing Assessment consists of merely one answer. Don’t get too comfortable with that idea, though. It’s in the form of a 30-minute essay where you must provide a well-articulated analysis of an argument.

The Integrated Reasoning portion measures your ability to assess vital information from multiple sources and formats properly. It consists of 12 questions that cover graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, multi-source reasoning, and table analysis.

The Quantitative section measures your ability to use the information given in a problem and reason quantitatively. This is the section where some arithmetic knowledge and insight comes to great use, as calculators are not permitted. Ouch! There are 3 questions in this portion.

Finally, the Verbal section is primarily comprised of reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions with the primary focus being to measure your ability to analyse and draw satisfactory conclusions.

Grading of the GMAT Test

Each section offers its own grading scale, but only two actually factor into your overall GMAT score (which range from 200-800, with the average from test takers being somewhere between 400-600). The AWA and Integrated Reasoning sections do not affect the overall score. A breakdown of the scoring scale is provided below.

  • AWA- The essay is graded on a scale of 1-6.
  • Integrated Reasoning- These 12 questions are graded on a scale of 1-8.
  • Quantitative- Graded on a scale of 0-60, GMAC reports scores only between 6 to 51.
  • Verbal- Graded on a scale of 0-60 as well, scores below 9 or above 44 are quite rare.

The True Test

While there are no true prerequisites to speak of, a good understanding of the English language and your ability to process comprehensive questions quickly is essential to acing the GMAT exam.

Considering the umbrella of information it broadly covers.There’s one critical area that could help lead to success in every branch of the exam: your ability to quickly read and understand the information and reading passages (particularly vital in the comprehension and essay section). While an amount of English fluency is assumed for the exam, what if you’re from abroad? Business doesn’t just thrive and grow in English countries, after all.

So let’s focus on improving your reading speed, shall we?

Your New Best Friend, Streamlined Note Taking

This may go without saying, but let’s cover it anyway. Do you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling with some notes you feel compelled to take during passages? There’s a subtlety to taking proper notes to these passages.

It’s essential to evaluate what’s important to the question/task at hand. Proper filtration of sufficient data is one of the things this test primarily focuses on, and this is where that school of thought rears its head the most. Reviewing the questions before delving into the content can help you filter through the non-essentials as you go.

When starting on your notes, don’t just rewrite the information as you see it. Focus on what’s important. What is the point of view/argument? Where are the examples? Is it informational or opinionated? Breaking down most of your notes into these basic categories can help you sift through the barrage of information present in the roughly 350-word passages

Proper Prepping

There’s not really a quick and easy way to completely ace your GMAT, and there are many different solutions and ideas on what to do for prep. There are actually various websites and forums dedicated to helping people study and prep for this exam as much as possible. At the end of the day, however, nothing beats hard work and persistence when it comes to any major test, but knowing a few easy tricks beforehand to help you speed up comprehensively can help you get a major jump start on the meat of the problems ahead.

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Five Legal Complexities When Founding a Startup in India (Content Princess – SEO)

On January 16, 2016, the “Start-Up India” initiative was launched by the Prime Minister of India, in conjunction with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and to transform India into a nation of job creators.

There are some legal requirements to become an entrepreneur and build a startup business. Here are five elements to keep in mind as you create a start-up.

  1. The Legal Entity of the Business

Depending on the structure and business plan that an entrepreneur has, the legal entity of the business will change. The startup company can be registered as one of five entities listed in the infographic below. Each entity has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The investments and legal requirements will change for each category.”>

  1. Business Licences and Legislations

To begin, an entrepreneur must obtain a business license to operate within a given city. The chosen office location will need to have the correct city zoning for the type of business that will be there.  Furthermore, the state and central government may require additional licenses to operate the business. Depending on the kind of work, fire, air and water pollution, and sign permits will need to be obtained.

Other than government-issued licenses, the businessperson will also need to look into labour legislations. In the beginning, they may be the sole employee of the start-up, but as the business grows, this could change quickly. There are dozens of labour welfare acts that founders should be familiar with, as well as details regarding wages, health and safety, and social security.

  1. Taxes

In addition to the licenses mentioned above, the entrepreneur will need to determine what taxes will need to be charged to clients and/or paid to the government. These will vary depending on the location of the establishment and the nature of the work it does.

  1. Comprehensive Contracts and Their Enforcement

India ranks as one of the worst countries in which to enforce a contract. Because of that, startup ventures will need to learn how to enforce the contracts that they make. This canbe done through arbitration, recovery strategies in the contract, or with the help of the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.

Before signing, contracts need to be searched for hidden clauses that may harm the start-up. Two must-have clauses to look out for are a non-compete clause and a confidentiality clause.

  1. Investors, Investments, and Funding

Promoters may need money to start their business. Depending on the legal entity that they have registered, funding may be available from a variety of sources. Investors may be domestic or foreign, but all will require some form of a contract. Initially, this will be a term sheet and may need legal advice to complete.

Start-ups may be receiving less funding compared to last year, but this has decreased competition among companies. As long as the business model is strong, having less access to funding should not harm the start-up. Plus, as soon as the start-up is profitable, it is eligible for bank loans.

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5 Tips to Land You a Job in the Hospitality Industry (Content Princess – SEO)

The hospitality industry is extremely wide-ranging in scope; it is in some senses difficult to measure because it is so fluid and diverse. The industry is going from strength to strength and is forecast to grow further in 2017, as it is projected people will have more disposable income to spend on leisure and travel.

For some people living their dream could entail travelling the world and working in a glamorous hotel, for others their dream could be managing their restaurant. Whatever your dream, jobs are available in a multitude of areas such as hotels, bars, tourism, events management and food services.

There has never been a better time to look for your dream career in the hospitality industry. With this in mind, here are five tips which will help you land your dream job.

  1. Learn a second language

The world is effectively becoming a much smaller place due to the effects of globalisation, and more people are crossing more borders than ever before.

Learning a second language has never been more valuable in opening doors to new opportunities. Being able to communicate fluently with customers and colleagues in another language offers the potential for you to travel and work in foreign countries.

As well as providing more opportunities, it also significantly improves cognitive function and shows employers that you have the perseverance and acumen to achieve something challenging such as learning a new language.

According to language expert Ryan McMunn, those with abilities in a second language can expect to earn on average 10 to 15% more than those without.

As a final note, as well as just being able to speak the language, you should try to take official exams from recognised language associations, so that you have strong credentials on your resume.

  1. Gain Experience

It may sound like common sense, but gaining either work experience or volunteering experience is vital in hospitality. Work in that field gives you the experience of similar types of situations to what you may face in your job.

Experience also shows employers that you have initiative and motivation, which is one of the key things they are looking for.  If you are studying for a degree in a hospitality-related subject, then having a part time job to put on your resume may end up being what sets you apart from one of your classmates in the hiring process.

Any experience is a good experience, but ultimately what hospitality employers are looking for you to have garnered are two things:  that you have held some responsibility in the position, or that you have had customer service experience.

  1. Be willing to start at the bottom

In the hospitality industry perhaps more than any other, it is likely that you will start at the bottom and need to work your way up. For those who show passion, direction, and diligence, promotion can come around quickly.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid of starting low down the hierarchical ladder, as this will give you vital operations knowledge and experience, which will be necessary if you want to progress on to management related role in the future.

  1. Be professional

As the majority of roles in hospitality are customer facing, the need to be professional is paramount to projecting a positive image for the company you are working for.

Clients of hospitality services often have higher expectations and demand more, in comparison with what they would demand from other services. For this reason being smartly dressed, professional in your use of language, and showing that you have a real focus on customer satisfaction will stand you in good stead.

  1. Sell yourself and have goals!

Perhaps the most important of all is how you project and sell yourself to a potential employer. Companies are looking for people who are passionate and enthusiastic about the hospitality industry, and most of all they are looking for individuals who are focused and have a clear career path in mind which they are serious about achieving.

Make sure that you clearly define your long-term objectives to your employer, show drive, and demonstrate that you are not just in it for fun, or to live the dream.

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Learning a second language   



Hospitality Industry

Events Management



10 Must-See Goa Attraction Guaranteed to Spice Up Your Trip (Content Princess)

Whether you are embarking on a family trip, a relaxing vacation or a romantic getaway, the city of Goa has something dazzling in store for you!

If you’re looking for exciting, new adventures to have in Goa, the following activities are absolute musts.

EsselWorld and the Water Kingdom

What could scream fun more than an amusement park?

Visit EsselWorld and the Water Kingdom for an utterly thrilling day outside, with entertainment for all ages! And if the weather is too hot, the water slides and pools of the Water Kingdom are sure to calm you down.

Enjoy the rides of EsselWorld today!


Are you a fan of arcades and video games? Then Timezone is most definitely for you!

Re-experience the joy of childhood with rides, prizes, games and more! And if you happen to have kids, make sure to bring them along for a fun-filled day at Timezone.

Fit Timezone into your schedule for an action packed experience right here in Goa!

Tatva Elements Spa

Built around the five elements of Indian mythology, the Tatva Elements Spa is set on creating the ideal soothing atmosphere for each, no matter how unique their preferences.

To ensure that they are enveloped in the most comfortable, serene ambience possible, the spa allows customers to handpick oils and incense from a myriad of choices, as well as converse with spa therapists to set the mood and treatment options exactly to their liking.

Drop by the Tatva Elements Spa for the pampering of a lifetime.

Chalo Picnic

If you have a more adventurous, outdoors soul, then splurging a bit on a parasailing or wake boarding trip is entirely worth it.

Designed to provide a thrilling combination of rope bridges, obstacle courses, rock walls, paintball wars, and extreme water or air based sports, Chalo Picnic will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Plan to visit Chalo Picnic for some truly unforgettable moments.

PVR Cinema

Enjoy a fun movie of your choice with you friends or family at the PVR Cinema in Goa, one of the largest film entertainment companies in India.

Take your pick of the selection, and sit down to view an original film of any genre for a casual, memorable evening.

Visit the PVR Cinema for a pleasurable experience in Goa!

Rediscovery Cruises

Picture this: a breathtaking sunset forming a backdrop of pink and orange, creating a soft ambience for a romantic dinner on the water. Or perhaps you’d prefer a more adventurous approach, exploring the rivers of Goa on a comfortable day cruise.

Whatever your preference, Rediscovery Cruises has a private cruise to suit your needs – just you and your group, no pesky bystanders to interfere!

Look up Rediscovery Cruises and glance through their selection!

SinQ Beach Club and Lounge

If you’re looking for a wilder evening out, SinQ is where you need to be. A luxury club at a lifestyle resort, it provides music, drinks, restaurant quality meals derived from varying cuisines, and seating by the pool.

Spend the evening at SinQ and get a taste of Goa nightlife.

The Park Calangute

Dine at The Park for an exquisite meal prepared from fresh, local ingredients, cooked to mouthwatering perfection and plated stylishly for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the complimentary evening entertainment varying from karaoke nights to professional singers, and spend some time at the bar sipping a refreshing drink with a friend.

Visit the Park Calangute for a refreshing restaurant experience!

Lifespring Tarot Card Reading

For the more astrologically inclined, don’t miss out on an opportunity to get a tarot card reading at Lifespring. Whether you would prefer a telephonic reading, email, or a personal consultation, get a taste of the future today!

Ramada Caravela Beach Resort and Spa

Lastly, make sure to enjoy your time on the beaches of Goa and relax by the pool or on the beach at the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort – and when you’re ready, step into its spa to receive a full body massage. Don’t forget to take advantage of all you can eat at the buffet lunch!

Stop by the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort for a beachfront, luxury hotel experience.

If you’ve found this list useful and enjoyed getting to know Goa, share it with a friend! And don’t forget to comment with your Goa experience and the places you’ve seen!



Restaurants in Dehli are waking up to the fact that no one likes to rise early on a Sunday morning.When you do wake up, why not try seeking out the satisfying indulgence of the increasingly popular brunch.

Brunch bestrides the standard hours of breakfast and lunch and should be served in large enough amounts to taking one through to the middle of the afternoon without a pang.  We don’t ask for much.  Just satisfying grub and value for money will do the trick!

Are you on a tighter budget or just spent too much letting your hair down on Saturday night?  These places offer unmissable special deals and good prices.

So without further ado, below is listed some of the hottest spots to spoil oneself for under Rs 1000.  No need to set the alarm clock for these tasty eats. 

THE NEW TOWN CAFÉ IN PARK PLAZA in Park Plaza, Sector 55, Noida

An elegantly appointed eatery. 

You will have to dress up a little for a sumptuous brunch buffet here, but it is SO worth it.  The limpid ambience of the room compliments the comfortable chairs and stand out service. 

Don’t be tempted to dive into the crystal swimming pool to make your head!  Save your energy for wading through the mounds of delectable food displayed at the buffet.  The Cafe’ opens its doors for all you hungry brunchers out there at 11.30 a.m.

Try this beauty of a place for the discounted price of Rs 499 pp.  Get up and go!

T’POT CAFÉ Main Shivalik Road, Begumpur, Malviya Nagar

Open from 11 a.m. on Sundays – A friendly, vibey atmosphere in which to slowly wake up and eat.

When I visit for brunch here, it can’t help but brighten my day, surrounded by the primary coloured crockery and chartreuse coated walls.  Even though this is a chain of restaurants, each one retains a unique spirit and flavour. 

The signature must-try drink is the T’pot flask chai tea, served in a vat-sized glass.  The vegetarian options on the menu that are consistently in demand are the lavishly topped pizzas.  Cookies are a yummy favourite too.

A modest brunch comes in around Rs 160 pp price range, but at these prices, everyone can afford to splurge!

MOSAIC in Crown Plaza, Twin District Center, Sector 10, Rohini

The Live Egg Station here is alive with delicious toppings!

When indulging in a delightful Sunday brunch refuelling, remember that booking for this mega popular poolside treat is essential.  What better way to wipe away a Saturday night bender than by shovelling in the mouthwatering delights available at the buffet in this family friendly establishment? 

I come here for the drool-inducing North Indian and continental cuisine delights.  The selection of food kick starts my appetite.

This destination Sunday buffet brunch restaurant is available to be tried with a special rate of Rs 999.  And at that price, it is well worth the visit.  The buffet is open from 12 noon and continues to pump out the nosh until 3 p.m.


Sooth away the hectic week by tucking into gorgeous grub.

I look no further when seeking out a place of note to have a Sunday brunch that pulls out all the stops and spoils me with more-ish nosh and helpful service.  This is yet another dining establishment that is worth dressing up for a little.  All the better to experience the stand out food on offer at the renowned Sunday brunch served here every weekend.  The room is at once cosy yet elegant.

It’s time to suspend all diets and only dig in at the tempting buffet spread.  The only thing that holds me back is that all the unusual choices sometimes leave me spoilt for choice. 

I am happy to report that the restaurant is open 24 hours, so the food just keeps on coming.

I will make an exception for this glorious brunch feast and urge you to try it for an offer discount price of Rs 1299 pp.  Go and spoil yourself!

THE DINE-ESTY IN THE TIMES SQUARE BUILDING, GURGAON – Times Square Building, B Block, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon.

A fun joint, with major hipster potential. 

Forget about the groan-inducing name and focus on the groan-inducing copious amounts of Chinese food. It’s not just the food that is served in plentiful supply, regular top-ups of coffee are brought around by the courteous staff too. 

I love the sharp furniture design and trendy crowd.  There’s a slightly homespun feel in the food as if there’s a caring Momma in the kitchen wanting to feed me!  This straight-to-the-point Chinese food gets the job done of starting the customer up for the day and putting a smile on their face. 

Shovel down the dim sum for around Rs 886 pp which includes a glass of wine.  This place is open from 11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on a Sunday.

Some of the prices listed here may not include tax in the quoted prices. 

So what are you waiting for?  Whether you stumbled into bed late or spent the night watching TV – the idea of a visit to a restaurant for a Sunday Brunch as desirable as the ones listed here, can only make you want the weekend to roll around that much harder.  Go ahead and share your brunch adventures and any surprising discoveries on social media.  Bring on the weekend!


Are You Struggling To Find Things To Do In Gurgaon? Here Are Some Possibilities You May Have Missed! (Content Princess)

Though you may be familiar with many of the attractions that Gurgaon has to offer, it’s possible you may have missed some.

Let’s say you’ve got a long weekend coming up and you have no idea what to do. Well, here’s just a few activities that you never knew about in Gurgaon.

Get out there and start exploring your city with this guide!

Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub has customers raving all over the internet. With a lively environment and multiple food choices, it is a must for anyone who calls Gurgaon home (not to mention, anyone who doesn’t).

Try different food joints and enjoy the entertaining and fun crowd. Each little restaurant and bar has its charming qualities, as you’ll learn as you stop by each of them.

With great drinks and great company, what could go wrong?

Check out the many different restaurants, and pubs Cyber Hub has to offer!

Location: DLF Cyber City, Phase 3, NH 8, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India

INOX Cinema

Operating over several different cities in India, many call INOX Cinemas a pan-Indian multiplex chain.

With top notch facilities featuring modern projection, great interiors, and stadium style seating with cup holders, the cinemas are quite popular.

INOX also has a variety of food to enjoy while at the theatre and a selection of English, regional, and Hindu movies.

Pricing: Get an INOX Cinemas open voucher for ₹349!

Location: 3rd Floor, Gurgaon Dreamz Mall, Sector 4 – 7 Circle, Old Railway Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, India


Smaash is a gaming centre that can be found in the Cyber Hub.

With a mix of reality and virtuality, it gives you an interactive experience that you won’t find anywhere else. The arcade also features simulators for sports where gamers can play to test their skills in an immersive environment.

Not only does Smaash feature a top notch arcade, but music and dining will also await you.

Pricing: There are combos offered for pizza, games, buffet meals, and more!

Location: Tower B, Building Number 8, Opposite Dunkin Donuts, Cyber City, Cyber Hub, NH-8, Phase II, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India

Oysters Beach Water Park

While still termed a park, Oysters Beach has a very different theme than any neighbourhood park you’ve ever been to!

With dining, attractions, and water rides, this water park is fun for the whole family. Buy your tickets online and spend your day soaking up the sunshine at Oysters Beach Water Park!

Each ride offers a different experience, from thrills to calm water experiences.

Pricing: INR 1,600 for the amusement park, water park, and a multi-cuisine buffet

Location: Sector 29, Huda City Metro Station, Gurgaon, Haryana 122009, India

Adagio Riding Stables

The Adagio Riding Stables were created by Caroline Juneja Rudrika Singh. The pair introduced the idea of teaching children and adults in India how to ride horses.

Take your whole family here and enjoy a lesson in equestrian training! You’ll even get a horse that matches your size, so you’ll have an easier time learning to ride.

Pricing: Learn the basics of horse riding for INR 3,599 or just experience the joy for INR 999

Location: Village Baliyawas, Opposite Teri gram, Gurgaon – Faridabad Rd, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, India

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Gurgaon is filled with things to do.

From malls to theatres to arcades to water parks, you’re sure to have an amazing time!

Plan your Saturday today with the help of this list! See, you didn’t run out of things to do in Gurgaon! You just left a few off your list.

And don’t forget to comment what your favourite thing from these activities was or which activity appeals the most to you!


Indulge Yourself in Bangalore – Spa Fixes For Less Than Rs 1000 (Content Princess)

Bangalore isn’t all stress, so wave goodbye to your tension and check out one of these five oh-so-chill spas where you can rejuvenate and recharge for less than Rs 1000.

Don’t want to break the bank while you indulge? Fret not; we’ve included only the highest value establishments of course.

Now get the relaxation and tranquillity you deserve.

SPA.ce The Spa

Don’t discount the hype that’s calling SPA.ce The Spa is perhaps the premiere oasis of peace and calm in all of Bangalore.

With an ambience that simply exudes tranquillity and a professionally trained staff that knows how to enhance your experience, this establishment offers a combination of luxury and affordability you simply can’t forego.

Be sure to check out their range of deals and packages available now at two locations.

•        Full Body Massage

•        Facials

•        Just for Men deals

•        Foot Massage

•        Honeymoon Packages

•        Couples Packages

Location 1: 1st Main Road 7th Cross, Domlur Service Road HAL II Stage, Indiranagar

Location 2: 70 Cunningham Road (Opposite Embassy Woods)

Pricing – Rs 999 for an unforgettable experience

Shathayu Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

Take the natural path to healing and explore one of Bangalore’s renowned Ayurvedic wellness centres. Whether you want to relax, slim down, manage stress, or deal with an existing health problem, the staff at Shathayu have the expertise you desire.

This is a place with a reputation for outstanding weight management consultation as well as effective and affordable rejuvenation and detoxification therapies. The journey from illness to wellness starts here.

Location: 301, 1st Floor, Sidhapura Village, Beside D-Mart, Marathahalli, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield

Pricing: Rs 999 for a natural healing experience

Spa – Howard Johnson Bengaluru Hebbal

Set inside the sleek yet plush Howard Johnson hotel, this luxurious spa provides a truly unforgettable experience for the serious indulger. Explore the full range of massage options as well as the variety of professional beauty and wellness services available.

Known for its modern state of the art facilities and professional team of masseuses, this is the spot for those who are keen to relax in style.

Location:  132, Thanisandra Main Road, Near Manyata Embassy Business Park, Nagawara Junction

Pricing: Rs 999 for relaxation in luxury and style

Juwel Spa & Wellness

This spa and wellness centre has developed a reputation for outstanding customer service and attention to detail. See what all the fuss is about.

Providing a range of spa packages and therapies, customers at Juwel can be certain their stress and fatigue will be long forgotten. The caring and attentive staff make this a must for anyone serious on full decompression.

•        Full Body Massage

•        Pedicure & Manicure

•        Body Scrubs & Wraps

•        Aromatherapy

•        Facials

•        Foot Reflexology


Location: 325, 1st Floor, 6th Main Road, next to Debi Bank, Indiranagar

Pricing: Rs 899 for the service and attention you deserve

Lanna Balinese Luxury Spa

With a full range of packages and deals for individuals, couples, groups and parties, this sanctuary of calm and luxury has some perhaps more unusual offers. Stick to the more traditional full body massage or facial, or give into your adventurous side and try one of Lanna’s unique chocolate and wine therapies.

Specialising in Thai and South-east Asian massage and therapy, you’ll be left stress free with an experience to remember.

Location: 599, 3rd Main Road, Near Polar Bear Ice Cream Parlour, Sadashiva Nagar

Pricing: Rs 699 for a spa experience like no other

Who Is The Most Tranquil Of Them All?

These hubs of tranquillity and wellness in busy Bangalore have a unique blend of luxury and value that make them stand a cut above their competition.

A wide range of therapies and services can be conveniently and affordably obtained through our comprehensive list of spa and wellness centres found on our website.

Don’t forget to spread the word around my friend. Voice your opinion below!