Will Corporate Accelerators Work For Your Business? (Content Princess – SEO)

Will Corporate Accelerators Work For Your Business? (Content Princess – SEO)

Seed accelerators or start – up accelerators are programs that feature mentorship, education modules and finish with a demonstration day or a public pitch event.  Established corporations can also benefit from connecting with professional accelerators which are run by experienced entrepreneurs. Accelerators centre on a broad range of industries and are particularly important in industries like food, telecommunications, and agriculture that tend to be impervious to change.

Advantages of Corporate Accelerators.

A New Work Culture – Executives and employees learn about new methodologies such as designing a viable product, project management and customer development.  As a result, they will begin using them in their work environment.

Case Study – When Windows 10 was introduced it went through numerous repetitions with customers providing opinions through Windows Insider.  The product was released before it was completed and it was attuned based on customer responses.  The result has been an exceptional success, and Windows 10 has grown faster than any other Windows version.

Ability to Attract More Partnerships and Collaborations – Many companies have concluded that they need to join start-ups to subject them to new technologies and methodologies.  This will procure their future in the market.  Big corporations can observe start-ups in the initial stages and gain knowledge of the industry and new trends.

Growth of Accelerator Programs.

During the past decade, the growth of accelerator programs has fast-tracked.

  • At the start of 2016, there were 170 accelerator programs in the US.
  • Each year from 2008 to 2014 the number increased by an average of 50% (Ian Hathaway, a senior fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institute).
  • The average evaluation of a company supported by an accelerator is $7.1 million. While this includes hits and flops the result is still good.

Springboard is an accelerator program whose companies have procured $6.5 billion through their lifetime and have an 83% fundraising success rate. 

As the chart demonstrates accelerator programs like Springboard work.

Problems Which Can Arise.

Corporations in accelerator programs devise a business plan. This document portrays:

  • Product and Services
  • Market opportunity.
  • A five-year prediction for profit, cash flow and income.

During the implementation stage, the business plan usually doesn’t hold true. 

Failure of Mentorship – While good mentorship can be a real bonus the opposite can be detrimental. When there is a wide gap between what the mentor can contribute and the expectations of the start – up, there will be a momentum stall.

Many programs don’t have the recognition to appeal to quality start-ups. There are a lot not delivering but still operating because of high demand. While gaining themselves, they are leaving behind a trail of failed start – ups.

There is obviously a high demand for accelerator programs, and many do succeed.  Internal accelerators are difficult to manage.  They need heavy Research & Development, a lot of preparation and an effective approach to administration.  Companies that are established will see the benefits of working with professional accelerator entrepreneurs.  For start-ups, this is the only alternative.  In the immediate future, more efficient accelerator archetypes will be required to eliminate existing pitfalls.

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Grab Your Umbrella: Monsoons rain down problems on Bangalore Start-ups (Content Princess – SEO)

As those living in tropical climates already know, monsoon patterns can impact almost every aspect of life. Particularly in the Indian Ocean, these seasonal variations in rainfall and wind patterns can have a drastic impact on things as far reaching as food prices, travel plans, insurance rates, and poverty rates.

Why do monsoons matter?

Shifts in monsoon patterns are caused by the El Niño Southern Oscillation, a semi-yearly change in ocean temperatures which causes a ripple effect through atmospheric patterns. Research has shown that global warming is exacerbating the effects of ENSO, causing more extreme monsoons and more extreme dry seasons.

Yearly changes in ENSO patterns (image: appinsys.com)

How do monsoons impact India in particular?

The monsoon season is particularly important in India. It has one of the most extreme fluctuations in the wet and dry season caused by monsoons. It also hosts one of the strongest tech industries in the world; Bangalore has long been called the “new silicon valley,” as it is home to over 30% of start-ups in the country.

India has experienced serious consequences from global warming: the country is experiencing record temperatures year after year, and the annual monsoon has been delayed three years in a row, causing serious fluctuation in crop and energy prices.

Bangalore startups are particularly impacted by monsoon season because without the extensive infrastructure of an established company, it can be harder to bounce back from environmental changes such as monsoons.

image: newindiaexpress.com

Entrepreneurs can be the most prepared, well-planned, organised managers of their start-ups, and still, they cannot quite buffer themselves from the effects of monsoons.

Business and tech are expanding extremely rapidly in India, but much of the infrastructure has been rapidly constructed as well, sometimes leading to insufficient systems to handle the needs of a huge population

Startups and Internet in Monsoon Season

Internet connectivity, in particular, is an extremely big problem for start-ups during monsoons. Start-ups often depend on overhead lines or underground fibre cables for their connections.

Larger companies who can afford dedicated leased lines do not suffer from as many connectivity problems. Start-ups using less expensive internet options often experience loss of connection in conditions as tame as gentle rain.

Worse, it is difficult to tell whether, in any given meteorological event, the internet will stay connected or not. Therefore, it is hard to plan the week and set strict deadlines for projects, since it could be impossible, logistically, to keep them. Planning a big event or conference could go completely haywire if the internet in the neighbourhood goes down due to a fallen tree. We depend on the net for almost everything, and a start-up could suffer even more if the loss of connection happens to occur on the due date for a big bill or contract processing.

Looking to the future: rural vs. urban impacts

However, in other respects, many businesspeople believe the importance of the monsoon for the investment market overall is in decline. Even though the monsoon may be becoming less predictable, its largest impacts are on rural populations. As time goes on, the stock market is being dominated not by energy or agricultural staples but by urban consumers and businesses.

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Under the Spotlight: CashRewards Inc. Becomes Australia’s Fastest Growing Tech Company (Rank Princess – SEO)

A quarter million subscribers and $13 million in cash backs later, the e-commerce start-up CashRewards won the title of ‘Australia’s Fastest Growing Tech Company’. Here’s the full story.

The Award

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, or only Deloitte, is a professional services firm based in the UK. Every year Deloitte conducts the ‘Fast 50’ program under which it recognises fast-growing tech companies around the globe based on revenue growth in the previous three years.

The awards are country specific and this year, for the Australian chapter of the awards, the online shopping space CashRewards.com.au emerged as the winner. This was due to CashRewards’ stellar growth of 12,496% over the last three years.

About CashRewards

Now, these are some serious numbers we are talking. It’s not every day we see growth figures like this. So what is CashRewards and what are they doing right?

CashRewards is an Australian cash back service that gives consumers cash backs for purchases they make through cashrewards.com.au. One only visits the website, chooses the product they want to buy, following which they are redirected to the seller’s website. And they just complete their purchase as they normally would. And just like that, they receive a part of the price paid for the product back in the bank account as cash backs.

All the shopper has to do is take the extra step of visiting the CashRewards website before being redirected to the seller. Read on as we tell you why it’s such a brilliant business plan and how we love their tagline “Get paid to shop”.

How it Works

Like every good idea, the mechanics behind this is fairly straight forward. Retailers pay Cash Rewards money to advertise their products on their website. And in return, CashRewards pays a part of it to the consumers who shop from their website.

The cash backs offered are just an extra incentive for the consumers to buy that product and take that extra step of visiting their website.

For the retailers too, this is a smart move as the cash backs translate to higher traffic from this site than others.

Simplicity is Key

The success of this company lies in its simplicity and efficient marketing. CashRewards tells its customers that they are always just 15 seconds away from ‘getting paid to shop’ and most consumers wouldn’t mind those few extra clicks before landing on the page which they were going to visit anyway.

And guess what? They get some cash, real money not coupons or discount codes, in the process. Brilliant, ain’t it?

CashRewards is another example of a good idea coupled with excellent execution. And with their smart marketing and persistence, the company now has under its belt over 1500 retailers on the website, a quarter million active users and the titles like ‘Australia’s number one cashback site’ and ‘Australia’s fastest growing technology firm’. 

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Among the most developing countries in Africa is Egypt and it is revolutionising the modern world symmetrically like the other top countries. It is developing into a powerhouse from the recent conferences and summits held in the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in the nation. There has been a haze recently caused by the latest startup scenes in the kind of development experienced. Below are some of the recent startups that are causing a haze and considered as the next big things in the country:-

  1. TA2HEAL

It is one of the recently developed online services that were created to provide assistance to parents that have children with a known diagnosis of autism. It is sad to note that despite the high number of individuals, not only children, with autism, there is still a notable lack of sufficient or reliable services. In case there were services provided, they were highly overpriced. Despite this, there were also a high number of fraud cases forwarded in the case of child diagnosis and training.

To curb these problems, Ta2heal was developed to extinguish the deficiency regarding online services offered and also improve the physical ground services provided to the patients. A unique feature that comes with Ta2heal is the Patient Trainer feature where quite some parents and guardians can be sufficiently educated on the necessary required needs and services to help their children adapt and tutor the latter on the required essential skills under a rigorously implemented curriculum.


The challenge of locating and getting reliable communication to experienced personnel is a worldwide problem. It is quite difficult to select the best of the best out of the rest, but through the recent developments, they have been able to create a channel where customers can pre-assess professionals in the field. The newly developed fixawy is a unique feature destined to help us out, though currently, it is still under development. It can be accessed in Cairo and Alexandria.

Despite being a new development in this sector, it currently boasts of over 100 personnel and over 5000 recent users that have benefited from this service. Noting its importance it acquired a second place in the recent Rise up Microsoft Egypt Startup.


It is a recent development in Mansoura that comprises of a conglomeration of specialised engineers who have skills in solving technical problems; they are four to be precise. A recently developed invention is the Beacon application that is set to revolutionize emergency calls. It can access your contacts and is equipped with the unique ability to send notifications to the specified individuals at any instance of an emergency alert. All these discussed processes are done with ease since it is through the press of a single button.

  1. HELM

It is a unique organisation that is run by the sole aim to aid disabled individuals and is also keen to provide or increase job opportunities for people who have a recorded case of disability. It is conducted through their organisational activities like offering companies to develop a productive but still diverse base of employees. In addition to this, it also provides career counselling services to individuals.

This organisation will be a great boost considering the number of citizens living with disabilities which are on the rise every year. The initiative is considered as a productive task since they help the disabled people attain their desired potentials.

  1. RAKNA

Due to the high levels of civilisation and industrialisation, population growth has both positive and negative side effects. Regarding negative, we can mention the high number of automobiles recorded in Egypt especially in the capital, Cairo, where the population is growing every year. Due to the increasing number of automobiles, it has become a hectic process when it comes to the locating of a reliable parking spot. This is even more difficult when in a hurry or wanting to access a facility nearby.

Ahmed Zaki and Omar Radi are the sole developers of the Egypt-based valet parking system that was developed with the sole aim to curb this problem. Locating a reliable and safe parking has never been this easy, and it is with the help of RAKNA application. All one has to do, is request for a valet and they hand over their car to be parked safely. To ensure the security of their automobile, the users are provided with the full relevant information concerning the hired valet, and if that is not enough, the customer can easily request back their cars.


Despite the many upcoming startups, some of them have shown a tremendous growth rate and are being developed even further. These startups are being developed with time depending on the needs of the next generation, and in 2017 the mentioned startups are surely destined to grow further from the developments being made.


5 Egypt-Based Startups To Look Out For In 2017(Content Princess)

With 2017 well and truly underway, the time has come for us to look at some of the up and coming startups that the commencing year has to offer. With entrepreneurship and the startup scene becoming more and more popular in Egypt, the country is beginning to produce some of the most promising startups of 2017 – so much so that it will soon be able to rival any country across the globe.

So without further ado, here are five of the most promising Egyptian startups that are set to embark on their journey in 2017:

  1. TA2HEAL – This startup offers an incredible online service which was created to help parents of children with autism. Their aim is to aid in the field, seeing as there are around 60,000 children who suffer from autism, are incredibly underfunded and have a worrying lack of services dedicated to their cause. TA2HEAL looks to change that fact, offering affordable and wholeheartedly helpful services to parents of those who suffer from autism, through services like online training and on-ground activities.
  2. FIXAWY This is almost like an online comparison site for independent handymen and home care specialists. FIXAWY is the solution to all of our problems! Ever get tired of scrolling through hours and hours of Google ads and independent pages trying to find the right guy for the job? Well with FIXAWY, that is no longer necessary. There website hosts a whopping 100+ handymen who specialise in all sorts of tricks and trades, making it far easier for customers to compare skills and prices in a singular, easy-to-navigate space.
  3. HELM Helm is a non-profit organisation that specifically focuses on and offers employment opportunities to those suffering from disabilities. They create opportunities and openings through a variety of initiatives and programs, one of which focuses on assisting companies and helping them to take on a not only productive but also largely diverse workforce. Essentially, helping businesses and companies to develop their facilities and teach them how to cater those with disabilities, which will allow them to open the door to them.
  4. RAKNA A company providing a clever little service in a country which is often burdened by a lack of parking spaces, especially in its busier areas such as Alexandria and Cairo. Customers simply request their car to be picked up at a specific time and location, and a Rakna employee will come and collect it, take it back to a Rakna-approved location and then return their car to the same location at the specified time when the customer wishes to leave.
  5. VDITORY – A startup which provides the visually-impaired with an amazing device which can provide them with synthetic sight. The device can read text, recognise the faces of people that the wearer meets and can even describe the views and scenery outside. The company intends to bring sight to, or at least simulate it for, as many people as they possibly can.

So there you have it, the top five Egyptian startups to look out for in 2017! These are some of the most promising and innovative startups that will be gracing the technological world in 2017, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to watch over their undoubtedly rocketing success.



Egyptian Startups are Disrupting the Traditional Economy(Content Princess)

Anyone who has travelled in Egypt is well aware of the problems that drivers face each time they get behind the wheel. One company is trying to alleviate some of the traffic congestion by inviting commuters and drivers to share the ride. The new mobile app is called Raye7 and is a carpooling app that is different in the respect that it focuses on the driver to invite the traveller to join them in the vehicle. This app won the second prize in a competition in Barcelona and is sure to beat the Cairo traffic.     

Fashion Week in New York City is not a match to the newcomers in the fashion business in Egypt. Many new and upcoming designers are partnering with technology firms to provide top fashion in an online format.  Of particular interest in the haute couture fashion arena is Nesma Helmy.  This young designer creates evening and bridal gowns along with a ready to wear component and her clothing line is affordable. If the fashion industry is going to change, Nesma Helmy has a great start in doing this with her startup of haute couture at an affordable price. Since most shoppers are women, this start-up proves to be very promising.

Fashion and traffic apps are just two of the innovations that are appearing on the Egyptian tech and entrepreneurial scene which is being helped by the many innovation centres that are beginning to fill the lives of so many 30 to 40’s in Egypt.  One of the promising incubator labs is at the American University in Cairo. They hosted a contest in January, and the winner was a technology company called, Ta2heal. This online service is needed as it uses technology to marry parents with autistic children or otherwise slow developing children to solutions for care. The service helps to suggest caregivers, specialists and many other helps for parents who are trying to navigate a terribly complicated space. A disruption in the current process is highly desirable, and as winners of the incubator award, Ta2heal has a good start on becoming a much sought after and highly successful venture.

If you are looking for love, the tech scene might be your first choice as Nahdet el Mahrousa offers the first incubator in the early stage of innovative social enterprises in the Middle East. One of the features of their service which is unique and exciting is that they offer to train social entrepreneurs with a focus on economic development. This service promises to activate and engage the young Egyptians to become social entrepreneurs and to design a workable social business plan.  A complete formalised curriculum is available to guide the young users through this process, and measuring sticks are available to assess the success of the program.

This year proves to be huge in the area of disruption to the Egyptian and Middle East standard of life. There are many companies ready to lead this avant-garde movement, and the number will only keep growing. Advancements in services, technology and retail will be on the forefront very soon as they are starting to become available.


Corporate Accelerators – Just How Effective Are They? (Content Princess – SEO)

First of all, let’s start out with what a corporate accelerator is. A corporate accelerator is a specific type of seed accelerator that is typically sponsored by a profit-centred corporate organisation. In the same way that seed accelerators do, corporate accelerators support startup companies while they struggle through their early stages. They often offer mentorship, capital and office space, to assist the startup companies during their launch period.

However, in contrast to the more regularly acquired programs, corporate accelerators usually derive their objectives from the organisation that they are sponsoring. Objectives which can include the desire to establish a funnel for venture capital investing or the wish to remain close to some emerging trends.

So, in short, a corporate accelerator is a tool which is supplied by large corporations and is utilised by smaller, startup companies who wish to grow their company at a faster rate than would be otherwise possible. Through the discovery of new technologies which can help to bring newer initiatives to the market at a much quicker rate.

So How Effective Are Corporate Accelerators?

The answer is very if they are dealt the right cards and choose to play them wisely.

One of the major turn-offs for newly-founded companies when coming across corporate accelerators is the investment side of things. The last thing that a new company wants to do is spend money straight away. Their attention is more centred around building a clientele and creating a unique product with excellent selling points. They’re already spending enough money on these things, so the idea of spending more makes them uneasy.

Though providers of corporate accelerators are aware of this side and have their ways around it, they offer startups a deal that they can’t refuse. Putting across terms that provide a win-win situation for both the involved parties. They make sure that the new business is aware that a corporate accelerator will not only lead to more depth in the market but will also help them accomplish the things that they wish to accomplish faster – things like building a clientele and driving traffic to their site.

Some corporates even offer free versions of their accelerator program by ensuring that startups are aware that no equity is taken from them at any stage, which is sure to rid of the fear of spending money and investing too much.

As well as being largely customer friendly, corporate accelerators are an immensely effective way of getting a startup off the ground. Many corporate’s motives for starting up an accelerator program is more often than not to do with staying relevant. Thus meaning that if the colossal scale corporation that is providing your accelerator manages to stay relevant, then your startup will have an increased chance of becoming relevant too – simply because of the sheer scale of the provider of the accelerator program.

So, all in all, corporate accelerators are an exceptionally good means for startup companies to get their feet off the ground. They are in a lot of cases free through free programs (and if you consider the profits made from such a small investment) and are also a much less stressful way of expanding a business in those rough, early stages. Thus making corporate accelerators highly effective in today’s market.

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Who Does the Corporate Accelerator Benefit Most? (Content Princess – SEO)

For the past few years corporate accelerators have been viewed as a way to help young entrepreneurs get their start in the corporate world, and for many, this is just what they did. However, along with helping the young start-up, the corporations found that they would benefit from time, money, and effort that were expended on these young people.  As expected, the corporations found that the accelerator brought forth a group of highly trained and disciplined work force that could add to the corporate ranks. Needless to say, corporations jumped on this idea and benefitted from the corporate accelerators.

An accelerator program often has a rental or lease component with it for the startup to enjoy space to perfect the company. However, when the leases were looked at realistically, these offered little to help the start up and much to help the corporation hosting the startup. For example, in New York, the average cost of low rent corporate space is about $12 per square foot. However under the guise of a corporate accelerator the contracted lease space rents to the start up for around $27 per square foot for a three to five-year lease.

The ability of the startup to receive and accept bids is often tied to the corporation also in that the bids must be reviewed by a governing body and of course cannot be a competitor of the corporate accelerator. Therefore this ensures that the corporate accelerator will have the first and foremost products of the startup and it will never reach the market for a competitor to benefit. If the startup is successful in obtaining a contract, the corporate host tends to benefit anywhere from 5% of the revenue to well over 25%.

It is necessary for the startup to weigh the benefits versus the cost of a corporate accelerator program. Obviously, the corporation is in it to make money but there are some gains that can be made for the startup that might not be had on their own. One great advantage is the networking and exposure that the corporate accelerator offers to the startup. Being able to be a part of the mix and day to day activities surrounding a thriving business offers the entrepreneurs a chance to mix and hone business social skills while learning from the best in the business.

Another advantage is that the young entrepreneurs are often offered positions in the corporation. While this might mean leaving the startup the opportunity with the corporation might be substantial enough to warrant this move. Often the startup is not going to be successful, so the opportunity to receive gainful employment is attractive.

So to answer the question asked in the title as to who benefits in an accelerator, the conclusion is that both sides benefit. Each side must know what the obligations are and by going into an accelerator program with eyes wide open, each side is positioned to benefit from the arrangement.


Innovative Startups: Growth Is More than Money (Content Princess – SEO)

India has the distinguished honour of being in the top 5 countries in the world for innovative startups. There have been many recent startups in India that have mastered the art of expansion in every type of business from food to community. The booming growth and economic power add steam to this tidal wave of innovation. However, companies need more than money to appropriately and successfully scale up new businesses.

Steps to Success: Build a Brand

One of the most important aspects of growing a business is building a recognisable brand. Startups often begin with a fantastic idea that could change the landscape of business, but without a recognisable logo and value structure, the company is unlikely to drive forward into a larger entity.

Wow!Momo is a perfect example of branding. Their logo is instantly recognisable, even from a distance, immediately attracting attention and attracting customers. This may seem like a difficult task, but there are companies available that can assist you in building a strong, visible brand. Don’t be afraid to outsource!

Steps to Success: Market Targeting

If you have a great product or company, customers are sure to quickly and easily find out about you, right? Wrong! To properly scale up a business, you need to reach out and find more customers. To find new customers, you conduct market targeting. Market targeting will help find your consumer base and let them know your company exists. Successful targeting can bring in new clients by the thousands giving your business the foundation it needs to grow.

Batman Delivers an ideal example of a company with targeted marketing. Using a darker superhero image plays well to the late night video gaming crowd who would use their anytime delivery service. Do you know how to approach market targeting? If not, there are consulting companies (often the same ones that can help with the brand building) that can help you achieve good marketing.

Steps to Success: Finding Talent

One of the most challenging aspects of growing a business and scaling up production is finding and hiring the proper talent. With good people, your business could grow exponentially through the application of skills. The main trouble is finding those people. There are a great many options for finding talented people but if you don’t have the expertise or the time, consider using a specialised company to do it for you.

Steps to Success: Social Media

Nowadays, social media can be either a hindrance or help to scaling up your business. Social media can provide a broad audience and customer base, but if your company is poorly represented, the word can spread quickly.

The key to social media is a polished presence. PassItOn is an excellent example of a company that has a strong social media presence. They have great looking photos and videos and stay connected with their audience. There are many consultants available if you aren’t tech savvy but the most important part of social media is to make sure you’re engaged with people.

Steps to Success: Networking

While social media can lead you directly to the customer, networking can lead you to expansion opportunities. If you are creating a product, proper networking can lead you to stores that could carry your product. Likewise, a service provided well to one company is often recommended to other businesses.

This can be one of the hardest steps to complete when scaling up your business. What do you do if you don’t have industry contacts? Find a company that does! There are consultants out there whose sole purpose is to help network your product to larger companies. Another approach could be to use professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, but cold calls are often ignored when this method is taken.


When looking to scale up and grow your business in India, look beyond funding. Funding is a good start but to be truly successful you will need a strong foundation of support in talent, marketing, branding, and networking.

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Meet the start-ups Olympians Redefining Growth in 2016 (Rank Princess – SEO)

When a term or phrase gets over-used, the meaning falls flat over time. Like ‘epic’, for example. Or disruption, in the case of startups. Here are five startups who took a good idea and turned it into mind-numbing, unheard-of growth in 2016.

When the world is catching up to startup funeral parties, take a look at Deloitte’s list of startups which have posted inhuman growth figures. It should be no surprise to anyone that a significant part of the 500 is Chinese and Australian startups.

Chengdu Wolaila

Website: www.sposter.net

The number one spot was taken by the Chinese start-up Chengdu Wolaila. Via an internet portal called Sposter, this enterprise provides e-commerce and 24-hour express delivery services.

Using pin codes and special delivery boxes, this company has the distinction of completing a million deliveries a day. Chengdu Wolaila tops this year’s index with a staggering 25,239% growth, taking advantage of the Asian supergiant’s love for all things consumerist.

Puhui Finance

Website: www.puhuifinance.com

The job board of Puhui Finance is buzzing like anything. The last and the most important requirement for a customer service representative is ‘can work under stress’.

If the Chinese startup’s meteoric growth can be pinpointed to an effect, this would be it.

The butterfly effect of consumerist overkill in China is playing off here as well. Puhui Finance Information Service Co Ltd has recorded growth figures of 14,047%, providing easy lending to the masses through an app itself.

Seeing Alibaba, the success of these two should not be a surprise. E-commerce, logistics and consumer finance, the holy troika appears!

Byte Dance Ltd (Toutiao)

Website: www.toutiao.com

With a 30-something CEO Zhang Yiming, Byte Dance has redefined startup success in the heavily-controlled media arena of China. Toutiao or Today’s Headlines is the almost-addictive app which aggregates news by using Artificial Intelligence to curate content.

The latest reports put Toutiao’s user base at a mind-boggling 700 million, and an explosive 68 million regulars to heavily active users. These numbers have propelled Byte Dance to claim a growth figure of 13,085%, as put by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2016 list.

Bringing up the last of the top five list of Olympian growth figures are two Australian startups, Cash Rewards and Property Exchange Australia Ltd.


Website: www.cashrewards.com.au

Move over, loyalty points. Instant gratification has made you obsolete. Andrew Clarke had the brainwave of ditching loyalty points for straight-up cash rewards for shopping and named it exactly so.

Within a few years, this Australian startup has garnered over 100,000 subscribers providing AUD 150 million in consumer splurges. The modus operandi is simple: Log into Cash Rewards and start shopping frequently from thereon. Finish shopping, get cash-backs in a few days. Elementary!

And the growth shown by the startup – 12,469%. Chew on that.

Property Exchange Australia Ltd

Website: www.pexa.com.au

Property Exchange Australia Ltd, or Pexa as it’s known, is the quintessential example of technology turning an age-old process into a hassle-free, transparent process. Quite simply, Pexa has taken conveyancing, or the act of transferring land titles from a pen-and-paper based, time-consuming exercise to a paperless transaction. Now, this does not sound much, but considering the banks, governments, property lawyers and land registries – this is nothing less than heaven sent for the parties on all sides. Pexa, under CEO Marcus Price, has grown by 7,116% by providing a platform for the above. And that’s a good thing for a startup as any, isn’t it?

There has been news all this while about startup success and burn-outs. But as an edict in perseverance, innovation and technology, these top five start-ups are a welcome sign. All is not bad. Some fall, but some do fly. And when startup success is talked about, it will not only be about Google, Uber and AirBnB. There’s a lot more to the startup success story than meets the eye, and here’s the proof.

Now, be a good netizen and share!

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