6 customer / sales enablement tools you need right now (Content Strategi)

Market and consumer needs are constantly evolving and with it the need to change the sales and marketing approach. Reports from DemandGen indicate that opportunities for sales can increase by 20% if prospective leads are nurtured carefully[i].

Organizations at present find that almost 67% of the sales personnel never meet their targets[ii]&[iii], either due to lack of productivity, proper tools, or the right content.

This is where sales enablement tools come in. They bridge the gap from lead prospecting to closing the sale and help boost revenues and profit.

Empower your sales reps through technology

37% of sales teams win less than half their potential sales2 leads either due to lack of proper content or persistent follow-ups.

A well-defined sales strategy backed by the right content and presentation can increase your chances of meeting your sales quotas by 33%.

A comprehensive Sales Enablement platform (SEP) serves as an integrated multi-functional system that allows for content management and integrated communications. More importantly, CRM integration and predictive analytics help improve sale pipeline management.

Sales enablement solutions – Arm your teams with the tools to succeed

There is a wide range of sales enablement platforms available in the market today that address the keys issues of marketing and sales automation, Business Intelligence, CRM, and more. Although their core features would be similar, they each have extra features that will fill the gaps to suit your unique business needs.

6 most important features of sales enablement tools that will help grow your client base, increase customer retention and improve sales.

  1. Content Management – Research indicates that 88% of sales opportunities are missed[iv] because sales teams waste 30% of their time looking for internal resources and content to share with their potential customers. Furthermore, almost 90% of the accumulated goes unused according to an IDC survey[v]. Tools such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force Sugar CRM provide the sales teams with real-time data and help the teams deliver the right content at the right time. 95% of the buyers tend to choose a vendor that provided them with the right content at each stage of the buying process1.
  1. Marketing Automation – A study by the ANNUITAS group indicates that an organization that uses marketing automation to nurture their prospective leads experience a 451% increase in qualified leads1. Sales enablement tools such as Mindmatrix or SharpString helps teams identify leads that require immediate attention, the content they require, and provide overall help in personalizing the prospective asset. Real-time prospect tracking can increase customer retention and research by Bain & Company indicates that even a 5% increase in customer retention would help boost profits anywhere from 25 % to 95%1.
  1. Sales Management – Forrester Research shows that 25% marketers who adopt mature lead management process have better response and follow-up rates1. Customer & sales enablement tools such as the Pipeliner or Sales Seek integrate marketing and sales functions to provide customized sales pipelines with visual intelligence that help close more deals.
  1. Sales Analytics – Studies by Marketing Sherpa indicate that only 25% of leads are legitimate and require a follow up1. Sales personnel waste almost 50% of their time on unproductive prospecting. Advanced analytics in sales enablement solutions such as 6Sense, Amacus or Infer[vi] use predictive modelling that prioritize leads and provide intelligence on talking points based on the customer needs.
  1. CRM – According to market research by CSO Insights, Sales reps spend less than 33% of their time on core selling1. Automating repetitive, mundane tasks would divert more time to nurturing leads and selling products or services. Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and CRM Next are sales enablement tools that encompass features of cross departmental team collaboration, managing workflows, automating marketing & content generation, and more, to boost productivity and sales.
  1. BI – Business Intelligence tools offer key insight that helps drive better decision-making. Oracle[vii], SharpSpring and Spectate are three organizations that offer BI tools for sales enablement.

With these smart predictive tools, never loose an opportunity again. Let your sales teams be best equipped to handle all customer needs.


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Boost Your Brand Activation Through Effective Brand Communication (Rank Princess – SEO)

Brand Building is essential for the success of any product or service in free market economies. When a new product enters the market, it is virtually unknown. Along with the quality of the product and service, customer engagement is also required to build a broad consumer base.

Marketing and brand communication can go a long way in expanding customer outreach and thereby gain customer loyalty.

Brand Communication refers to a group of activities that shape and influence the opinion of customers towards a company and its products or services. Brand Communication also helps to create an effective brand image.

Brand Activation or brand engagement aims to influence the consumer’s actions and choices through interaction with the brand. Digital Marketing via various social media platforms enables brands to communicate directly with their customers. This is crucial, especially in today’s markets as marketing and brand promotion have become largely customer-based.

Effective brand communication can go a long way in ensuring a positive reaction towards a brand.  Brand Communication employs strategies like experimental marketing, promotional marketing and in-house retail marketing for effective brand activation.

Measuring Effective Brand Communication

Using the following criteria, you can easily determine whether your brand communication is encouraging brand activation:

Consumer Network-It is important to reach out to a broad and relevant consumer base to boost brand activation. A good brand communication campaign will have a target audience at the local, regional, national or international level that it seeks to cover.

Strategy and Authenticity-A thorough review of the campaign strategy must be carried out to ascertain whether the proposed brand communication campaign will lead to brand activation while staying to the core values and aims of the brand or company. The information provided to the public must be authentic else it may lead to loss of confidence in the brand.

Investment and Returns-The expected costs, benefits and returns must also be thoroughly evaluated. The returns and benefits will include not only the expected boost in sales, but also the anticipated expansion in the consumer-base, and increase the number of loyal customers and brand followers on social media platforms.

Consumers’ Response- The success of brand communication can be determined through the evaluation of the customers’ response. The campaign must be designed such that it creates interest and tempts its target audience. The consumers must enjoy their interaction with the brand.  In this respect, it is not just the sheer volume of response that matters, but also nature. A positive response implies successful brand activation and vice versa.

Creativity and Timing- The interaction with the consumers must be creative, keeping in mind their tastes and preferences. The timing also has to be spot on, the right customer at the right time, in the right place.

Brand Image in the Long Run- Any proposed brand communication campaign has to be undertaken keeping in mind the long-term goals and aims of the brand and company. Brand Activation has to be such that it boosts the image of the brand in the long run.

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Brand Activation Is The Next Step In Brand Communication (Rank Princess – SEO)

Is brand activation strategy a millennial concept? The marketing and advertising industry have been practising this in the past leading to some of the most successful campaigns.

One of the best brand activation campaigns that will go down in history is Toyota’s launch campaign of their RAV4 Hybrid, ‘The Wall,’ that involved 100-foot rock climbing wall. The rolled in Christina Fate, Toyota’s rally car driver, to go for the climb to inspire the audiences to face their challenges.

When Brand Communication Is Not Enough

All successful branding engage their clients and inspire them in the process to be loyal to the product or the brand itself. When the brand communication process fails to connect to the audience emotionally, it is difficult to sustain the business. It is also important to distinguish the product or the brand from existing competition to get the attention of the prospective customers.

Why Brand Activation

When the clientele bond emotionally, they believe in what the brand stands for. This is what eventually leads to a loyal customer base who can give you repeated sales. Brand activation ideas, such as interactive events that involve one-on-one communication with the target audience will build trust.

Choosing the right time to launch or re-launch a brand image is as essential as a great ad campaign. Establishing connection at the correct time and place draws the consumers faster and closer to the brand.

Being creative is essential to put out the brand that will meet the customers’ passion. Campaigns must change according to the current trends that the general audience is inspired from.

How Do You Measure a Successful Brand Activation

Consumer base: Calculate the number of consumers the activation campaign will reach and bring a reaction? Will the campaign be worldwide, national, city-wide, or local?

The relevance of the brand: Always choose a campaign that is relevant to the core value and the message the brand is trying to send.

How much to invest: More than calculating the sales and financial terms, brand activation campaigns should be measured in brand marketing and consumer data. Focus on how much social media coverage the brand has, enquiries being made, etc.

Long-term benefit: Activation campaigns ideally must focus on building the long-term loyalty of their clients to the brand and maintain trust to promote references.

Integrating with other campaigns: Brand activation campaigns should compliment and integrate with other ongoing as well as future marketing strategies of the company.

Always be unique: Setting the brand apart draws audiences closer and faster to the brand, makes them talk about it and prevents them from going over to another.

Flexibility in Brand Activation: Activation campaigns are better cost-wise when the components of the brand strategy are flexible where just the content can be changed in line with the season.

Advantages of Brand Activation

Brand activation, especially interactive events, brings quality feedback direct from the consumer. The Millennials are always looking for fresh ideas with standard content to spread around the social network. This strategy almost works for all kinds of brands and products out thereRe-launching the brand takes patience and is a financial burden that may not yield results.

Brand activation ideas can help reinforce the positioning of the brand in the consumers’ minds. It is easy to get lost in the clutter of traditional advertising such as print, we-based ads, and TV commercials. Set yourself apart with brand activation.


Experiential brand activations can increase the relevance of a brand and shape the future of the company. Such campaigns help long-term loyalty of the clients by building trust. Brand activation plans generate visibility by engaging the audience at a personal level to create awareness.


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Is Your Brand Communication Encouraging Brand Activation (Rank Princess – SEO)

Have you ever wondered how a reputed popular brand in the market became so famous and trustworthy? How did it engage so many loyal customers and why is it admired by so many? When a product is first launched in the market, it is unknown to the general public.

To popularise their brand and product, companies engage in consumer engagement marketing.  They come up with marketing strategies like ad campaigns, viral growth, experiential events, surveys, consumer participation activities, etc. They engage in brand communication. They try to spread the word about their brand and their products in the market.

But the real question is: Is brand communication enough to bring about brand activation?

What Is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is the process of making a brand famous and admired by customers. It is a demonstration of how you plan to manage your brand marketing activities. It plays a very important role in creating a positive perception of the brand.

To encourage brand activation, your brand communication strategy needs to be right. You need to know clearly what your brand stands for and who your target audience is. The entire process needs to be carried out systematically.

First, your brand activation process requires an input for brand communication. Through this communication process, you should be able to convince more customers while maintaining the market share of your brand.

Key Principles of Brand Activation

  • Formulate creative ideas and strategies to understand the consumers’ passions and needs. You can create a huge demand for your brand by doing so.
  • To transform a consumer into a fan of the brand and a loyal customer, selecting the right place and right time is very crucial. Connect with your consumers at the right time.
  • Use activation strategies like in person experience events. This way you can connect with the customers and make them start believing in the brand and what it represents.

Your Ladder to Convert Brand Communication to Brand Activation

There are five steps you need to follow so that your brand communication results in brand activation:

  1. Be sure of what message you are trying to communicate. Articulate your goals and make sure they are quantifiable. The way you approach branding is more important than simply raising awareness.
  2. There is a famous quote by Teddy Roosevelt which says “people don’t care how much you know ’til they know how much you care”. Do not just show off your brand. Let your customers know how much you care about the brand.
  3. The next step is to strategise an idea for brand activation. Formulate a strategy which helps you embody all your brand attributes. Think outside the box to leverage cross-channel strategies.
  4. Try to come up with ways in which you can leverage your activation for promotional activities. You can adopt programming, digital strategies, content and public relations strategies, paid advertising, etc. for customer engagement.
  5. Lastly, formulate strategies to generate additional consumer touch points. Stay connected with them through social channels. Do not just focus on one product of your brand. Focus on your brand as a whole.

Push all the right buttons during your brand communication process. Don’t just communicate; connect with your customers. Keep your brand relevant, reflective and visible to encourage brand activation.

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Ideas for MobiKwik 1 (By Aakshey)


A digital wallet that works across the web, iOS and Android devices. Be it a desktop or mobile.

You can use MobiKwik 24×7 for cashless transactions without sharing your credit card details with other websites. NEFT is not 24 x 7 and slow. Credit cards aren’t safe as per Indian mindset.

You can use MobiKwik to make instant money transfers, ticket bookings (bus), recharges and bill payments (e.g. mobile, gas, electricity etc), and online shopping purchases.

Instant Money Transfers
From wallet to wallet. Or wallet to bank. Or from your card to wallet.

You can use MobiKwik to making online payments apart from the above:

For example:

Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda etc

MakeMyTrip, IRCTC etc

Big Bazaar, Nearbuy etc

Grofers, etc

And across other sectors like Banking, Entertainment, Health etc.

You’re basically guaranteed instant payment transfers regardless and a log of all these payments. And a solid customer service in case of any lapse anywhere. With prompt resolution.

And the offers section will only grow.

While cash backs like Pakka Fayda are an icing on the cake. 🙂


Ideas for MobiKwik 2 (By Aakshey)

MobiKwik = Mobile + Quickly

Mobile = Literally mobile devices OR 24/7 with you as in mobility

Quickly = Promptly. Without delay.

So MobiKwik = 24/7 with you to pay/receive money quickly and hassle free. Cross platform and cross device.

MobiKwik aims to act as an invisible (and I really mean invisible when I say invisible) between the person making the payment and the one receiving money.

The receiver can be a shop, store, website, service, business or person. The same goes for a payer (although currently limited to end users and customers only).

When I say invisible, I infer that the person doesn’t mind having another layer between his credit/debit card and wallet, and instead prefers the wallet as it requires fewer steps than his credit card and unifies all his methods of payment.

With a wallet like MobiKwik, our aim should be to make it like a digital bank. Much like HDFC or ICICI. Whereby the person can make most/all types of incoming/outgoing transactions through a single app like MobiKwik. For example, ticket bookings for all purposes, eCommerce transactions across multiple websites, and cash exchange among friends and others.

Our aim should be to imply on the simplicity of the above. And the unity of the above. How MobiKwik can get the job done in fewer steps. Faster. And with greater security.

MobiKwik already has an offers portal. And that will only get bigger. So we should bank heavily on that as well.

Let us do it! 🙂


Demo Video Script By Aakshey


So nice to eMeet you here. I was waiting for you.

Is there a bleeding neck problem in your business that keeps you up late at night?

If you’re a Director or Partner in a business and you’re still unhappy about how soon the Good Ol’ days ended, that is exactly what I plan to address today.

Regardless of whether your business is doing well or not at present, if you want to grow faster and reach higher, that is exactly the purpose of our meet today.

But. Before you proceed, let me take a quick minute and introduce myself.

I’m Aakshey Talwar, the Founder and CEO of Gaia Internet. For you, I’m a Business Strategist and Content Marketer.

Now. I’d like to ask you:

Are you still stuck with single digit growth figures?

Or, is your industry on the decline? Let me tell you, even declining industries have Star businesses. Businesses that outperform the market. So. Would you like your business to become a Star Business?


If you’re happy with how your business is doing, I think you don’t need me. But. If there is something where you feel you’re leaving massive amounts of money on the table, I’m here to address that.

Now. If you decide to have a complimentary Strategy Session with me, there are 3 possible scenarios that may result from you doing so.

The first is of course that you’d be thrilled and you’d want to work with me. And of course the pleasure would be all mine.

The other possible scenario is that you may like my ideas and strategy but would prefer to execute it on your own. Nothing wrong with that either! I won’t charge anything for that and you’ll be free to execute the strategy on your own.

And lastly, you may feel like murdering me for wasting your time. In that case, I’ll gift you an Amazon Gift Card to apologise for wasting your time.


Rest assured, I won’t charge you a dime for this complimentary strategy session.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Or would you like to procrastinate and keep living in the Good Ol’ days? Just sayin’.

If you’re ready to up your game and challenge your competition, feel free to get in touch via any of the contact methods on my website – Aakshey.com

I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

Good day!


Demo Cold Calling Sales Script By Aakshey

Demo Sales Script

Alternate Script for a Demo back, say HDFC for example.

Let us assume the salesman John called his pros Rahul

Am I speaking to Rahul Sharma?

Can I call you Rahul? Nice name by the way.

If yes


Are you busy right now Rahul? I basically needed two or say three minutes of your precious time. If you’re busy, I can call back later. No big deal.

If he is free

I was wondering whether you could help with me what I got here. I’m not sure you would or even could, but I’ll share this with you anyway.

Basically I’m an Intern with HDFC Bank. I’ll be joining as an Associate come June.

The deal is that my boss feels I can’t get in clients. And he has promised to make me an associate if I could get 5 clients by the end of the week.

Now I’m not asking you to sign up as my client. Of course not!

But I have this new Credit Card right here. Which perhaps some of your friends or associates might be interested in.

If I could get your e-mail, I can send over more information about this. And if you feel somebody might be interested, I’ll send over my agent.

Now, you don’t have to hand over your email to me. I’d understand if you don’t. Just that I’ve got a career to make over here. And my boss also appreciates every email I’m able to send out.


Demo Emailer For ActionForIndia.org By Aakshey

Are you ready for Silicon Valley?

Get ready for Action For India’s Annual Forum 2017!
Make way for sustainable innovation already…

On 24th & 25th January 2017

At India Habitat Center, New Delhi

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Everybody makes money. But we salute those who do it for a cause. Hail India’s social entrepreneurs…

During our flagship annual event we get together with exactly 100 of India’s sharpest high achiever social entrepreneurs. And put them with 100 industry veterans in the same hall. Veterans from various backgrounds including but not limited to tech moguls, marketers, bureaucrats and business tycoons.

You can interact with these industry personnel as well as other entrepreneurs over a span of 2-days to form some of the most important connections and have some of the most educating conversations you’ll probably have your in your life.

The connections and collaboration our alumni have experienced over our last 5 forums is something that has changed their lives. Check out their testimonials given below:

Apply NOW! The deadline is 17:00 hrs Monday, 5th December 2016!

4 Testimonials here…

And this is where Silicon Valley comes in:

Now is your chance to win a 2-week long trip to Silicon Valley to interact and work with eminent entrepreneurs, investors and mentors over there. This is truly an opportunity that you don’t want to pass on.

Apply NOW! The deadline is 17:00 hrs Monday, 5th December 2016!