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Your home is your castle, and we promise to make your home fit for royalty.

Visualise Your Dream Home With State of the Art Virtual Reality

Call Furdo and get designs, visualisation and implementation from the 22nd century with our Virtual Reality visualisation tech.

A couple of buttons is all it takes. Dress up your home with chic, sophisticated and amazingly new designs and see how each part looks.

This is ‘try before you buy’ in a way you have never seen before.

It’s Almost Time to Book Your Designer If

  1. The plastering on the walls is done, and you need to start thinking about colours
  2. The flooring, painting and electrical work are next on your list
  3. People are talking about taking possession

Book Furdo For

Famous Architects and designers, who have the vision to understand your vision

Products sourced from the best of the best, with dazzling variety

Hassle-free implementation with a Project Manager who ensures quality furnishings, on-time delivery, with every detail taken care of.

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What is the Best Time to Start Looking for Interiors? (Rank Princess)

The time you choose to begin the interior design process can impact the outcomes of that process.

You don’t design your home every day. It’s vital that you give it time and get it right.

Why does timing matter?

You’re probably not going to fall in love with the first design you see. Getting the right design will be a long process, and you can’t rush it.

Make sure you and your team have enough time for the entire process

Our experience tells us that three months before the handover date is usually a good time for you to start looking for interior designers. AtFurdo we bring you designers who will walk you through the process for those three months and make sure you get you want.

Don’t rush into flooring and painting

Laminate, hardwood, tiles, carpet or bare – there are numerous flooring options that you can choose. But how do you decide which one?

The best way to choose floors is after the interior design is ready. Looking at the final design, you’ll have a much better idea of what kind of floors are going to look good and which aren’t.

Creating the buzz

At Furdo, we know how important interior designing is. If any of your friends or family members are looking for interiors, do tell them about Furdo and the importance of optimum timing.