Seven Sexy Laminates That Will Make Your Home Sexy (Rank Princess – SEO)

Everyone wants their home to be a reflection of their inner selves. Additionally, a modern and well furnished, sophisticated home helps a lot while guests or relatives come to visit.

There has been an increasing demand for easy-to-install and natural looking laminates for some time now. Also, customised laminates are also available for sale, making house décor and furnishing more creative, innovative and fun.

Here are seven laminates that will make your home look sexy and stunning:

  1. Wood Laminates:

Wooden furniture, flooring or even wood-panelled walls give a sophisticated look to your home. What if you could get the same look, with better finishing and low maintenance issues?

This is what wood laminates offer you. The pest repellent qualities of laminates make it easier to maintain than any real wood panelled wall. Laminate never gets wet, and yet it makes your home look sexier. The finishing touches on wooden laminates, allow you to acquire many posh designs at a lower cost and an affordable price.

  1. Abstract Designs:

Why should you stick to the conventional styles of decorating your home, when your walls and flooring could mirror your unique style and persona?

From crossbones and skulls to musical notes and birds, you can have anything on your furniture, ceiling, walls or even floors. It gives a more personalised feel to your home and brings a twist to modern home décor. What’s more, it’s also a very novel and creative way to express yourself to your friends, family, and neighbours.

  1. Textured Laminates:

Laminates can be fun to use and install. Textured Laminates come in a wide range. For example, you could choose whether you want your floors to have a matt, gloss, or raw look.

Laminates that are the texture of sand, grains, or even rocks and pebbles are starting to make an impact on the minds of modern home decorators. Without the need of getting all these materials, you can still have a textured look on your walls with the proper use of laminates.

  1. Hand-Scrapping:

This is a modern method that can be called a form of texturing laminates. The difference between them is that hand-scrapping of two laminates is never the same.

Hand-scrapped textures are always unique and bring out an asymmetric beauty that no polished surface can.

  1. Marble Laminates:

Marble flooring can be pretty expensive and difficult to maintain. Instead, marble laminating offers you a graceful, as well as, easy option for maintenance and décor.

It has gained quite a lot of popularity over the years and serves well for conventional homes and decorators.

  1. Textile Laminates:

A wall with silky laminate is not just pleasing to look at, but also very sexy. Textile laminates are especially handy in indoor settings where you can decorate a personal room or an office.

These laminates give a homely feeling and at the same time create a soothing ambience.

  1. Cement Laminates:

Cement laminates are especially catchy and creative on countertops or floors. It gives the feel of a modern den. You could always go for cement laminates, regardless of being conventional or modern.

Laminating as an option has opened new windows and opportunities to the growth of the house décor industry. It is a modern, yet sensible option for many who’d like to customise their homes fashionably.

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Do-It-Yourself Furniture under INR 5000 (Rank Princess – SEO)

Making your own furniture does not have to be intimidating if you have solid tutorials and a few bright ideas. We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the most attractive DIY pieces that are pocket-friendly, as well.

Provided that you are reasonably handy, you can churn out these quirky pieces of furniture that compliment your decor to make a definitive style statement!

  1. Bookcase Using an Old Door

Recycling is the key here. You can utilise an old unused wooden door from your garage, or even purchase one at a flea market.

  • Cut the door into half.
  • Prepare pieces for the shelf frames.
  • Cut pieces for stretchers at the front and the back. Fasten them to the front and the back.
  • Cut pieces for the shelves. Secure them to the frame.
  • Cut the piece for the top of the shelf and secure it.
  • Cut the back of the shelf and paint it.
  • Paint the entire frame of the bookshelf.
  • Attach the back to the frame.

Detailed instructions and measurements for this project can be found here.

  1. Ottoman from Drawer

Convert a lonely drawer into a stylish footrest or ottoman. How innovative is that?!

  • If you do not own an old drawer, you can pick one up at a thrift store.
  • Cut out four sturdy legs from wood.
  • Glue and screw them to the bottom of the drawer.
  • Make the top of the ottoman from plywood.
  • Attach the top to the drawer.
  • Place a fabric cushion on the top and glue together.
  • Paint as needed.

If you want to see the final look of the ottoman, check this out.

  1. Banquette Seating

If your dining table is in a nook, you must have found it difficult to get into the seats against the wall. You can convert the placement of the table into an asset by creating a banquette bench against the wall.

  • Build a sturdy frame and screw it to the walls.
  • Cover the frame with plywood to create a panel look.
  • Cut thick plywood for the top and nail it to the frame.
  • Caulk and paint the bench. Varnish if needed.
  • Add cushions and throw pillows for added comfort.

See step-by-step pictures and the final product here.

  1. Cozy Reading Nook

This is the ideal way to use up corner spaces and is easily made using two wooden pallets.

  • Choose a sturdy square-shaped pallet with slats close to one another.
  • Cut the pallet along the diagonal.
  • Reinforce the front edge with additional pieces of wood, and nail together.
  • At the bottom of the platform, attach squares of wood to the corners so that the chair is raised above the ground.
  • Sand down all the wood from the top and bottom.
  • Make the back of the chair using the other diagonal of the pallet.
  • Attach to the back of the platform and reinforce the top of the slats with additional wood.
  • Paint the chair.

You can find an excellent tutorial for this project here.

  1. Suitcase Side Table

If you have a vintage suitcase and a wooden table that serve no practical purpose, then this is just the right project for you. Transform that suitcase into an attractive side table and let the compliments flow in!

  • Remove the legs from the table.
  • Glue and nail each leg to a sturdy block of wood.
  • Place the legs at the bottom of the suitcase and drill through.
  • Screw the legs to the suitcase.

Detailed instructions can be seen here.

Have fun making these amazing DIY furniture, and write us a note in the comments section below if you do!

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Is Your Furniture Outdated? Here’s What You Need To Do (Rank Princess)

Furniture is the heart of a place, much like the people are the soul. Be it an office space, a home, or anywhere else, the furniture is what makes it comfortable and inviting.

Unfortunately, like most good things, it doesn’t last forever. Styles change, the assembly gets creaky; it threatens to break with age and eventually patchwork isn’t an option.

Are these the symptoms of your furniture? If so, then it’s time to roll up your sleeve and explore your options.

Now that you’re sure new furniture is what you seek, you have two choices:

Ready Made Furniture

This is the store-ready product that takes a maximum of ten days to be delivered to you, completely ready for use.

It is machine made and easy to produce in large numbers, perfect for office spaces and other public places. It is also lightweight and cheap, ideal for moving around and large-scale purchase.

Lastly, it is easy to maintain as it doesn’t need to be polished more than once in five years.

The downside, however, is that this type of furniture is not very durable; it is flimsy and will fall apart in a maximum of eight years- even with the best care.

It is usually made of MDF or particle board – which is light and easy to move around but falls apart just as quickly.

The designs are limited to what the factories decide to mass produce, so there’s a restriction in the creativity and uniqueness of a place with such furniture.

Hand Made Furniture

Woodwork crafted by carpenters, using human effort more than machine production comes under this type of furniture.

Made from Teak, Mahogany, Maple, Oak and other hardwoods, the products are durable and long-lasting.

These pieces are often topped with soft plywood like Pine, Fir, Redwood and Cedar to give it a particular shade of brown and an elegant finish from the intricate bark patterns.

Hand making furniture ensures that you use the materials of your choice, ensuring the quality of your furnishing products.

The drawbacks are that they’re heavy and hard to move around, far more expensive than machine-made products as handcrafting is more tiresome, and there’s always the worry that the carpenter might make a blunder, and you’ll be stuck with faulty furnishing.

While both have their pros and cons, the final deciding factors are usually your budget and how long you expect the products to last. The perfect option is the right blend of both.

Products like Sofa sets and dining tables have ever-changing trends and can be durable enough to last the fashion season and a little longer. This will make offices more compelling and give homes a new look.

It is also a very good idea to have computer tables and other such desks as ready-made furniture, as it makes rearranging any room convenient and straightforward.

It is preferred to have permanent furniture like kitchen cabinets, cupboards, cots and dressing tables handmade, as it’s rare that these will need moving around and the classics always look the best.

Dressing tables should be made to fulfil your needs and cots that are handmade are more reliable and have sentimental value, spreading a homely vibe through your living space.

Furnishing is an art, and it is easily mastered – some have it in their blood. It’s always advisable to consult an interior decorator to get the best results at an affordable price.