Nokia and Telecom Italia Partner Again- Review (Content Princess)

I have done lots of product reviews in my time, so I understand if you may be confused about seeing a partnership between two companies and how it relates to a review.

Normally, it is only products that I review, but today is a little bit different. Today, I am reviewing the joining of forces by two telecommunications giants in the industry.

Who Got Together

This partnership is one of the first of its kind. Nokia Networks and Telecom Italia announced recently that they would be partnering for two years in a venture like no one has ever seen.

This is big news in the world of telecommunications, an area that is rapidly changing and advancing with regards to technology.

A Long History

Although this particular partnership is the first of its kind, it is not the first collaboration between the two. Nokia and Telecom Italia have been working together for quite a while now.

The infrastructure giant and Italy’s leading information and communications Technology Company have collaborated on several projects over the last 20 years. This new collaboration is different from anything that either company has done before.

What The Duo is Doing

The plan for this agreement, brought about via a Memorandum of Understanding, is to seek out start-ups, a section of technology which has grown to massive proportions.

The pair will analyse start-ups that are dealing with technologies of interest, further analyse the ones that have the most realistic chance of success, finally investing in those start-ups and their technologies.

My Assessment

Having a start-up company and making it grow into a successful business is a tough job, especially in the technology sector, where competition is as plentiful as it is fierce.

Start-ups that develop new technologies need to be able to scale quickly, along with finding trustworthy partners and investors. Otherwise, their hard work will only be stolen, duplicated, and brought to market by a company who is already an established force in the industry.

The partnership between Nokia and Telecom Italia will provide a benefit on both sides.

Benefits for the Partners

For the Giants, they will gain a share of new technologies of interest, thus continuing to grow their companies. The pair will continue to bring innovation to telecommunications.

Nokia has been an industry leader in infrastructure and pioneered several technologies used today, such as LTE. They continue to develop and perfect the future, 5g.

Benefits for the Start-Ups

Again, start-ups that have great ideas and technologies that have true potential face many challenges, such as getting their ideas turned into reality and on the market, patented before getting crushed by larger competitors.

Should these start-ups be noticed by the tech giants who have banded together again, they will receive one of the things they lack the most, which being funding to develop further and perfect their technologies.

The start-ups will get the recognition they deserve for their innovation, receive the necessary investments, and ultimately grow into successful companies or be incorporated into the two major partners, guaranteeing success for life.


Overall, this partnership between Nokia and Telecom Italia provides benefits all around, not only for the companies and start-ups involved but the customers who will eventually make use of them.