Transit Media Advertisement: Reach Millions, Easily(Rank Princess – SEO)

Any business may thrive for only as long as it is well-connected with its target audience. However, reaching the target demographics can be a tricky problem for most people in business, entrepreneurs and corporate establishments alike, for one very simple reason: in today’s hectic schedule wherein people are losing sleep, the time they dedicate to actually sitting down and watching television is decreasing on a daily basis?

So, how does one spread the word about their business among the general public? That is where transit media advertisement comes into play. Including company, business and product advertisement via billboards, hoardings, and even moving vehicles, transit media is the hot new thing in town which is here to save the day!

What Is Transit Media Advertising, Really?

In simple, understandable language, transit media refers to out-of-home advertising; that is any advertisements that a common customer can look at and know about whenever he or she steps out of his or her house.

The common ways transit media advertisement is implemented in real life is given as follows:

  • Billboards scattered all over the city are excellent methods to let people know about your business because there is no way someone could miss it.
  • Roadside signs are eye-catching enough to spread the word around.
  • Placing advertisements in strategic locations that are generally visited by a lot of people (for example, shopping malls, train stations, bus stands and so on) also come under transit media advertising.
  • If the idea is to have people look at your company’s advertisements (by choice or because of lack of better options) then placing some at places where people have to wait for longer periods of time—like hospitals—is as good an option as any.

LCVs and Transit Media Advertising

If there is one thing that one can never avoid, especially in the bigger cities, it is traffic. And while traffic itself is not that appreciated by the public in general, it is the best and most promising way to implement transit media advertising.

LCV stands for Light Commercial Vehicles, and the use of LCVs is the easiest and most effective way to advertise anything at all. LCVs are smaller, customized six-wheelers that are designed for the purpose of advertisement.

They may come complete with extra features like sound and lights for the extra oomph and emphasis and are especially useful for advertising in terrains and regions where it is difficult or altogether impossible to install billboards.

Mobile Billboards: A Revolution in Advertisement

It is believed that advertising is the last surviving form of art, and the introduction of mobile billboards using LCVs is nothing short of a masterpiece, a work of genius. Some very essential advantages of exploiting the concept of mobile billboards are:

  1. Everyone notices your advertisement—when stuck in traffic, or even otherwise, it is impossible to fully ignore a big, colourful truck.
  2. Using vehicles as means of advertisement increases your reach manifold, which is the need of the hour.
  3. There is no need to worry about the terrain/region, unlike while installing static billboards.
  4. LCVs may cover a wider area as compared to a static billboard.

Pick The Right Partner

The key here is to pick the agency that is willing to do their absolute best to make sure that your advertisements are noticed by all. At Rolling Banners, we do our best to make sure that you get the best service possible. We provide advertisement services using LCVs, and mobile billboards.

Picking the right agency is crucial because not only would they be with you every step of the way but also take you to new heights that were otherwise unimaginable.

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Breaking the Clutter with Transit Media Advertising(Rank Princess – SEO)

Today businesses are trying to get the attention of their customers through various ways, digital gaining most importance. Some of the best ways to reach the customer’s mind such as Out Of Home advertising is taking a back seat.

However, the online space is now so cluttered that it is time to go back to simpler times. It is time to break the clutter and reach the customer’s heart through mediums like transit media advertising.

What exactly is Transit Media?

Transit advertising is placing advertisements on anything that is mobile or using mobile billboards such as cars, buses, etc. It can also be termed as light commercial vehicle advertising.

Transit media will help any business reach the right customer in a clutter free manner. Here are six reasons why it is so perfect:

  1. Location Specific Targeting

Using transit advertising one can reach customers on a specific route or in a specific location.

When advertisements are placed for example on the route to a shopping area the consumer automatically remembers the product since it is so fresh in their mind.

  1. Prolonged Exposure

Transit advertising ensures that your message is out there for the customer to see. Unlike other modes of advertising, you cannot turn it off or skip it.

With a little creativity, you can really make an impact in your potential customer’s mind.

Another advantage of using outdoor advertising on a specific route is getting the opportunity to be visible to the customer on a daily basis. If someone uses that route on a regular basis or to work, they get exposed to your brand every single day.

  1. Entering the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind has a very important role to play when we make purchase decisions. Transit media is one of those magical ways to reach the subconscious of the customer.

Unlike other media, advertisements using transit media become a part of a traveler’s life. They see them every day. After a certain point, they stop analysing it. However, the subconscious registers your brand.

The next time the buyer goes to the store they are more likely to pick up your brand without even realising it.

  1. Reaching the Unreachable

LCV advertising has a unique advantage of reaching areas which are otherwise unreachable. A residential area, for example, has many restrictions on advertising. But residents use LCVs on a regular basis.

These LCVs thus provide the perfect opportunity to target areas which are otherwise unreachable.

Transit advertising thus helps you in targeting a unique set of audience in a unique manner.

  1. Fresh Creativity

Nowadays being creative in the online space or on television doesn’t fetch any brownie points. People take these media for granted, and thus it becomes very difficult to break free from the clutter.

Transit advertising, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. With technological advancements, you can also create interactive advertisements that can engage the audience.

  1. Right Time Targeting

Targeting the right audience at the right time is the key to unlocking a customer’s heart. With transit media, it is very easily possible. When people are travelling, they are bored and looking for entertainment.

If your ad is placed at the right location, then the audience will volunteer to read your message and reach out to you.

Transit advertisement thus is a fresh way to get the attention of your target audience. It is a clutter free way that gives you ample space for innovation and creativity.

With transit media advertising you can reach your audience at a low cost and in an effective way.

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