Brand Activation Is The Next Step In Brand Communication (Rank Princess – SEO)

Is brand activation strategy a millennial concept? The marketing and advertising industry have been practising this in the past leading to some of the most successful campaigns.

One of the best brand activation campaigns that will go down in history is Toyota’s launch campaign of their RAV4 Hybrid, ‘The Wall,’ that involved 100-foot rock climbing wall. The rolled in Christina Fate, Toyota’s rally car driver, to go for the climb to inspire the audiences to face their challenges.

When Brand Communication Is Not Enough

All successful branding engage their clients and inspire them in the process to be loyal to the product or the brand itself. When the brand communication process fails to connect to the audience emotionally, it is difficult to sustain the business. It is also important to distinguish the product or the brand from existing competition to get the attention of the prospective customers.

Why Brand Activation

When the clientele bond emotionally, they believe in what the brand stands for. This is what eventually leads to a loyal customer base who can give you repeated sales. Brand activation ideas, such as interactive events that involve one-on-one communication with the target audience will build trust.

Choosing the right time to launch or re-launch a brand image is as essential as a great ad campaign. Establishing connection at the correct time and place draws the consumers faster and closer to the brand.

Being creative is essential to put out the brand that will meet the customers’ passion. Campaigns must change according to the current trends that the general audience is inspired from.

How Do You Measure a Successful Brand Activation

Consumer base: Calculate the number of consumers the activation campaign will reach and bring a reaction? Will the campaign be worldwide, national, city-wide, or local?

The relevance of the brand: Always choose a campaign that is relevant to the core value and the message the brand is trying to send.

How much to invest: More than calculating the sales and financial terms, brand activation campaigns should be measured in brand marketing and consumer data. Focus on how much social media coverage the brand has, enquiries being made, etc.

Long-term benefit: Activation campaigns ideally must focus on building the long-term loyalty of their clients to the brand and maintain trust to promote references.

Integrating with other campaigns: Brand activation campaigns should compliment and integrate with other ongoing as well as future marketing strategies of the company.

Always be unique: Setting the brand apart draws audiences closer and faster to the brand, makes them talk about it and prevents them from going over to another.

Flexibility in Brand Activation: Activation campaigns are better cost-wise when the components of the brand strategy are flexible where just the content can be changed in line with the season.

Advantages of Brand Activation

Brand activation, especially interactive events, brings quality feedback direct from the consumer. The Millennials are always looking for fresh ideas with standard content to spread around the social network. This strategy almost works for all kinds of brands and products out thereRe-launching the brand takes patience and is a financial burden that may not yield results.

Brand activation ideas can help reinforce the positioning of the brand in the consumers’ minds. It is easy to get lost in the clutter of traditional advertising such as print, we-based ads, and TV commercials. Set yourself apart with brand activation.


Experiential brand activations can increase the relevance of a brand and shape the future of the company. Such campaigns help long-term loyalty of the clients by building trust. Brand activation plans generate visibility by engaging the audience at a personal level to create awareness.


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